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    7 L Shaped Desk Ideas You Want to Check Out

    How your workspace looks affect one’s productivity. The more aesthetically pleasing it is, the more efficient and productive one can be. But, how do you optimize the space you have while making it as aesthetically pleasing as possible? Below, we listed 7 L shaped desk ideas to inspire you.

    Why L-shaped desks? L-shaped desks are suitable for both small and big spaces, for adults who work from home and for children who study and do their homework.

    They also come in various sizes and design ideas, which is why they are a solid option for workspace. Ready to be inspired? Let’s start.

    Creative L Shaped Desk Ideas

    1. Rustic Corner Desk with Cabinet

    Rustic Corner Desk Ideas

    If you have room to spare, adding a cabinet behind the l-shaped desk is a good idea. You can see here how the desk and cabinet complement each other.

    Yes, not just functionally but also aesthetically. The workspace’s dark colors and wooden surface give off a warm rustic vibe.

    2. Twin L-shaped Desks

    Twin L-shaped Desk Concept

    Need large workspace? Or perhaps want to make one workspace for you and your spouse? If so, consider using two L-shaped desks.

    Place the twin L-shaped desks on an opposite corner like this one here. By doing this, you get a large workspace while making the most out of the corners.

    3. DIY L Shaped Desk Ideas

    DIY L Shaped Desk Ideas

    There is always the DIY route to take. Unlike the other ideas on the list, going DIY means you can customize the L-shaped desk however you see fit.

    This DIY L-shaped desk here is simple but certainly gets the job done. It is thick enough to support just about anything.

    4. Make Use of the Corner

    corner l shaped desk

    The next one on our L shaped desk ideas list is an example on how to make use of the corner.

    Notice the workspace not only has three screens but also a wall-mounted TV and wall decorations. Thanks to its slim legs, one can move freely from side to side.

    5. Floating Corner Desk

    Best Floating Corner Desk Setup

    L-shaped desks with legs are not your only option. There are also “floating” desks too. What makes floating desks a solid option is their lack of legs.

    The empty space underneath gives off an open, spacious feeling. Even if the workspace is small, it doesn’t look cramped at all.

    6. Modern Corner Desk

    Modern Corner Desk Ideas

    This one is for those who love modern design. The desk and drawers have the same, uniform color. This creates a distraction-less environment ideal for working.

    The blocky, rectangular shapes and edges make the desk look modern. The ample legroom underneath ensures comfort for hours and hours of working.

    7. Minimalist and Space Efficient

    Minimalist L shaped desk setup

    You can go minimalist as well. This desk here not only provides an excellent platform for your working needs, it also has extra storage.

    The simple and clean look makes it an ideal workspace, while the dark, rustic colors make it looks interesting and inviting.

    And that’s about it. Of course, there are still plenty of L shaped desk ideas out there. The above ideas are just to help you get inspired.

    When you make your own workspace with an L-shaped desk, arrange it based on your needs. Don’t forget to add some personal touches here and there, too. Good luck!

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