10+ Incredible Solar Deck Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Home

Solar Deck Lighting Ideas – Lighting is one of the important parts of your deck. Deck lighting will not only enhance the beauty of your deck. However, it is also for safety. You will likely need several lamps to light your deck.

In consequence, you need to spend more money on electric bills. However, you can save the energy by installing solar deck lighting. There are various solar deck lighting ideas that are excellent for safety and ambience.

This particular lighting can last for years and needs sun to charge its battery. Therefore, you need to install it on an area that gets full direct sun.

Moreover, it is easy to install because it is wireless and does not require electrical knowledge. If you want to know how attractive solar deck lighting ideas are, you need to check these out.

Best Solar Deck Lighting Ideas

Simple Solar Deck Lighting Idea

Simple Solar Deck Ideas

It is widely known that solar deck light is more expensive than the conventional deck light. Therefore, some people may only be able to afford a set of solar light.

However, if you choose the right solar light type, you will be able to light your whole deck and make this space look attractive. For example, you can adopt this simple solar deck lighting idea.

This deck looks quite attractive with sets of solar powered bulb string light. This kind of lighting is quite affordable since one set of it consists of 10 to 30 bulbs.

Moreover, this solar light looks attractive in various deck ideas. And the best thing about it is that this light is very easy to install. Once you get this bulb string light, you can hang it around your deck.

Solar Powered Deck Fence Post Cap Light is Necessary

Powered Deck Fence

If your deck is equipped with a fence and railings, it is necessary for you to have post cap lights. For this purpose, you need to install the solar powered ones. Therefore, you can minimize your electric bills.

Solar powered fence post cap light is available in various designs. One of them is the ones on this deck lighting idea. They have flat surface with interesting detail.

Having this particular light will brighten up the fence and railings so that they will be more visible at night.

Solar Pathway Lights to Define the Decking Lines

Solar Pathway Light Ideas

Defining the decking lines using light is one of the safety steps that you need to perform. Having this light is especially necessary if you have a multilevel deck or deck without railings.

To light the decking lines, you can install solar powered pathway lights.

The best type of solar pathway light for this deck line is in-ground pathway disk light. This light is small but available in different level of brightness.

In addition, it is flat to the ground so that it will not cause you to stub your toes on it.

Solar Deck Lighting Idea with Step Lights

Solar deck with Step Lights

Many solar deck lighting ideas feature solar powered step lights on them. The installation of this kind of light is not only for ambience, but it is also for safety. To light your deck steps at night, you can adopt this solar deck lighting idea.

The deck steps have two oval lights on a step. However, the solar step light is not installed on every step. If you dislike the shape of this solar light, you can purchase others in different design.

There are some choices of solar step lights, such as square, rectangle, and round.

Solar Deck Rail Light Idea

deck Rail Light Idea

Generally, you will see that a deck railing is equipped with post cap light in most solar deck lighting ideas. However, you do not need to install it if you do not want to. As an alternative, you can opt for solar deck rail lights.

This light can be installed in various ways. One of them is in similar style to this solar deck rail light idea.

You can install it on the middle of the railings and make your decking looks glossy and beautiful. On the other hand, you can install it on the upper or bottom part of the railings.

Magical Deck Lighting Idea

Magical Light for Deck

This magical deck lighting idea will transform your old deck into a wonderful deck. The white and bright solar powered light looks eye-catching on the white deck.

The designer of this deck mainly uses solar post cap light and pathway light. However, this deck is very attractive, especially in winter nights.

Romantic Solar Deck Lighting Idea

Romantic Solar Deck Ideas

For you who want to add a romantic atmosphere on your deck at night, you can choose this romantic solar deck lighting idea.

The combination of dark decking, dark railings, and the golden pathway lights, step lights, and post cap lights offer a romantic atmosphere to this deck.

In addition, the yellow flowers on the entrance make this dark deck look lively and beautiful.

A Gray Deck Featuring Solar Bulb String light and torch light

String light and torch light

Having a gray deck will suit your modern style house very well. However, this deck seems lack of warmth if you do not furnish it with the right furniture and lighting.

To avoid it, you can copy this solar deck lighting idea. The deck is equipped with unique solar torches and bulb string lights.

These lights combined with the cozy furniture makes your cool gray deck more inviting at night.

Canopy Umbrella with Solar Bulb String Light

Solar Deck Lighting Ideas

Do you want to have a better dining experience under your canopy umbrella? If you do, you may adopt this solar deck idea.

Installing a set solar of bulb string light will surely help you enjoy your dinner better. Moreover, to create a prettier dining area, you must remember to place a vase of flowers or small flowering plants on the picnic table.

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Two Different Light Colors

Two Different Light Railing Solar

There is no rule about which light colors and brightness of solar deck lights you must have. Therefore, you have a freedom whether to have all the lights in the same color and brightness or not.

If you follow this solar deck lighting idea, then you need to have solar post cap lights that ooze white light and solar step lights that ooze golden light.

Which one of the solar deck lighting ideas will you choose? Once you make your decision, you can start shopping for the solar powered lights and install them.

However, if you are not confident in installing them on your own, you can ask professional to do it.

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