Strong and Durable Line Trimmers For Your Home Garden

Are you looking forward to buying a strong and durable line trimmer for your home project this year? Getting suitable whippers snippers for your home garden might be hard, especially with many brands in the marketplace. You might be confused and buy a line trimmer that doesn’t suit the needs of your home garden.

Therefore, in this article, we’ve narrowed it down to some of the best tips you can implement when purchasing a strong and durable line trimmer for your home garden.

Similarly, we’ve expounded on the types of line trimmers available in the marketplace to help you select the best tool for your home tasks.

However, before jumping right into the tips on how to select the best whipper snippers, let’s discuss the following;

What is a Line Trimmer?

Generally, line trimmers are primarily home gardening tools to cut or trim woody plants, weeds, and grasses. These tools use a monofilament line to facilitate trimming and cutting grasses, woody plants, etc.

Similarly, by spinning, the cutting head of a line trimmer produces sufficient centrifugal forces that hold the monofilament line at a stiff and horizontal angle, enabling the cutting and trimming of grasses.

Line trimmers are also known as string trimmers, lawn trimmers, edge trimmers, or weed whackers. So, what are the types of line trimmers you can opt for your home garden work? Let’s find out:

Types of Line Trimmers

The following are the popular types of line trimmers available in the marketplace. This includes petrol line trimmers and cordless battery line trimmers.

1. Petrol line trimmers

Do you want to buy a line trimmer, whipper snippers ideal for cutting grass, weeds, or woody plants on a large piece of land? Petrol line trimmers are considered the perfect choice to go by, especially if you are dealing with large areas.

This is because you can easily refuel and carry on with your cutting tasks. Similarly, Petrol line trimmers are more powerful and allow effective cutting through swatches of tall, tough grass.

Petrol line trimmers are designed into two forms; curved shafts petrol trimmers and a straight-shaft petrol trimmer.

Meaning you’ll be compelled to choose either of the above based on your preference and the cutting project you are dealing with.

And so, the straight-shaft petrol trimmers are considered to be heavy-duty and extra powerful, unlike the curved petrol trimmer. In addition, a straight trimmer has a longer reach than a curved petrol trimmer.

Therefore, when buying a petrol trimmer, select a trimmer that will serve you the intended purpose. Though straight petrol trimmers are powerful, they may not be the most suitable for your home gardening tasks.

2. Cordless battery line trimmers

These types of trimmers have less cutting power compared to petrol trimmers. However, they have a simpler starting mechanism, unlike the petrol trimmers.

They are safe to use because they don’t involve using any flammable substance. Also, some are designed with motors at the cutting head rather than at the handle.

That means they don’t come with a drive shaft, and its length can be adjusted any time while in operation.

Strong and Durable Line Trimmers

Now that you’re acquainted with the major types of line trimmers, you can buy them this year. How do you choose the best one for your home garden? Continue reading to find more.

How to choose a strong and durable line trimmer

You’d want to consider particular components before purchasing your line trimmer. Not all trimmers will be ideal for your home garden project; thus, considering some core features in a line trimmer will help you buy a strong and durable line trimmer. Therefore, the best features to look for when buying a line trimmer.

  • Handles

When using line trimmers, you’ll be required to hold their handles to facilitate uniform cutting. Therefore, handles become one of the important features in whipper snippers to look for.

Thus, most line trimmers models come with adjustable handles. Adjustable handle essential lets you rotate it on the shaft when turning your trimmer.

In most cases, you might be forced to turn your trimmer either horizontally or vertically. Therefore, an adjustable handle will help you execute the process hassle-free.

So, ensure to check the trimmer’s handle before purchase. A good line trimmer must have an adjustable handle to easily turn the machine when trimming or cutting grass.

  • Rotating head

The rotating head is another salient feature when it comes to line trimmers. A strong line trimmer ought to have the cutting head positioned either horizontally or vertically to enhance smooth cutting.

If, in any case, you don’t find a trimmer with a cutting head strategically located vertically or horizontally, flee away from such device.

Without this feature in a trimmer, you’ll be forced to turn the whole trimmer vertically when performing your cutting tasks.

Turning the entire tool vertically is not recommended, especially when using a petrol trimmer. Thus, having the rotating head positioned well in your trimmer will ease the cutting tasks, enabling your tool to last longer.

  • Safety feature

You are not guaranteed protection by the manufacturers when using their products, lest you look for good safety features when buying your product.

Meaning not every tool comes with advanced safety protections upon purchase. And line trimmers are not exceptional. When buying a line trimmer, consider checking a trimer that is mounted around the rear of the cutting head.

This feature prevents debris from flying around when cutting or trimming grass, woody plants, or weeds in your home garden.

However, some guards can restrain your view when cutting. Also, even with good safety protection on your tool, you’ll still need eye protection.

Therefore, ensure your trimmer comes with safety features to prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries when carrying out your cutting tasks.


Having strong whipper snippers will greatly help you with all the cutting and trimming tasks at home. Depending on your home gardening project, you can either select a Cordless battery line trimmer or petrol.

Therefore, to buy a line trimmer, it is advisable to look for safety features the product comes with, the handles and the rotating head, among others. The above features will help you purchase a strong and durable line trimmer for your home garden.

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