7 Space Themed Accessories That Perfect Your Space Decor

The outer space is always attractive to adopt into your room. Fortunately, there is a handful of space themed accessories that will help you achieve the goal. From tiny astronaut figurines to hanging decorations, here are cool items to complement your space home décor.

1. Cute Departing Astronaut Figurine

Cute Departing Astronaut Figurine

Inspired by the astronauts when the spaceship departs, this cute spaceman figurine is so captivating. The tiny figure looks like a real astronaut with a helmet, jacket, gloves, and shoes. Even it has an armed seat with buttons and a seatbelt as well.

This tabletop accessory can amplify the space theme that you bring into the room. Coming with a white color scheme, it is completely easy to spot.

2. Space-Themed Wooden Name Tag

Space-Themed Wooden Name Tag

This name tag is a versatile idea that fits any purpose. While the smaller name tags can be useful when you throw a party, the bigger version can serve as a perfect bedroom decor. Simply mount the large name tag on the door or the wall and it enhances the entire decoration.

These name tags are made from wood and the writing is engraved with laser. Each tag is designed with colorful decorations like spaceship and earth that make it pop.

3. Wall-Mount Decorative Figure

Space Themed Accessories

Highlight your bedroom walls with these space theme accessories. Decorative celestial-themed figures like planets, space stones, satellites, and astronauts speak louder than you think. These accessories are embossed, giving a dimensional effect to the space.

4. Triple Spacemen Figurine with the Moon

Triple Spacemen Figurine with the Moon

If you are seeking space themed accessories for adults, these action figures make you feel less guilty. The set of astronaut figurines comes in various poses and positions, allowing you to arrange them to your heart’s content.

This tabletop accessory can be a good fit for your study desk or office desk. It can also be perfect on your wall shelving along with other space accessories.

5. Hanging Tapestry with Nebula Print

Hanging Tapestry with Nebula Print

This is one of the coolest space themed accessories to take your living room to the next level. A hanging tapestry with a majestic nebula print looks enchanting with its beautiful color. Depending on the size of your room, you can find a tapestry that fits the space.

6. Hanging Planets for Kid’s Bedroom

Hanging Planets for Kid’s Bedroom

Grab these hanging planets and take your kid’s bedroom to outer space. With planets floating above the bed, the accessories make your kids spend more time in their private space. Choose your planets and hang them on the ceiling for a spectacular visual effect.

Pair this bedroom accessory with the sun and the moon wallpaper to create a bold feeling of outer space.

7. Beautiful Celestial Glow-in-the-Dark

Beautiful Celestial Glow-in-the-Dark

If you want to keep the project simple and affordable, opt for space glow-in-the-dark. These accessories are abundant on the market, and yet they are so attractive to level up your bedroom. Each piece comes with adhesive backing so you can attach them to the wall effortlessly.

There are plenty of space themed accessories to complement your space home décor. From the cheap glow-in-the-dark to the pricey figurines, choose your favorite based on your personal preferences.

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