8 Split-level Basement Ideas for Split-Level Houses

GripElements.com – Split-level houses are now getting more famous. Many more people start to build this type of house and looking for split-level basement ideas. If you also need those ideas, then you’re on the right site. Check out the eight decorating ideas for a split basement on this page.

1. An Open Floor Plan

split entry basement ideas

Open floor plans will make your basement, especially the small one feels more spacious.

This open floor plan allows you to put your kitchen, dining space, and living space together. Since they will be in the same room, make sure that you pick furniture pieces that have the same theme.

2. Split-level Basement Ideas with A Library

Split-level Basement Ideas with A Library

If you want the basement to hold a living space without a kitchen or dining space but the room is too spacious, add a library.

A huge shelf full of books, a cozy L-shaped sofa, and a unique table will make your basement look attractive and inviting. Don’t forget the cozy rug on the floor.

3. An Adult Section

split level basement ledge ideas

If you don’t have kids, you may want to try these split-level basement ideas. A bar in the basement along with some cozy spots to get relaxed will make everyone wants to stay.

Add some games to the basement and no one will even think to leave your house.

4. Directly to The Kitchen

split level ranch basement ideas

The next basement split-level idea is this house that allows you to directly access the kitchen.

You may want to welcome your guests by serving some nice snacks and drinks on the kitchen island. Then you need to make sure that your kitchen island has enough stools for everyone.

5. Industrial Split-level Basement Ideas

split level house basement ideas

This idea is super fantastic. Your house will welcome your guests with a set of dining tables before they reach the kitchen and finally the living space.

However, this idea isn’t for everyone. Only those who have spacious houses can consider this unique split-level idea.

6. Get A Theme

split level basement ideas

One essential thing you should do before planning to build a split-level house is to get a theme.

This is going to help you make the room look and feel more special and stunning. This room, for example, has one pattern you can find on the wall, cushion, and carpet.

7. A Small Library

A Small Library

The most stunning split-level basement ideas, especially for families with kids, are the presence of a small library.

Cover the wall with bookshelves and then place the coziest rug on the floor. The presence of beanbags will also keep everyone feeling comfortable while reading a book.

8. A Collection Gallery

small split level basement ideas

The other split basement ideas to try are turning the basement into a gallery. This is an excellent idea if you are a collector and you want to display anything you collect.

Fill your basement with shelves and display cases. Place a cozy sofa where you can sit and enjoy your collection.

Which one of the eight split-level basement ideas above is the best one for your basement? Before redecorating your basement, you should know what your family needs. This way, you’ll build the best split-level house for your family.

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