7 Spring Decorations to Freshen Up Your Home

As spring nears, it’s time to add some new decor to your home! No matter your budget, there are a variety of ways you can freshen up the home decor in your living space.

Spring is often known as the time of new beginnings, where people use the season to start new habits, clean out their spaces and put together new projects. Here are some of the best decoration ideas to freshen up your home!

1. Neutral blankets

While spring is the color of pastels, your best choice for new blankets in your home should be neutral. Using neutral colors in your decor helps to establish some balance between all the different shades.

For spring, think of using light browns, pale grays and even some dark browns to break up the different pastel shades you use in your home.

personalized name blanket is a great way to add something fresh to your decor without spending a lot of money or making a lot of changes. You could even get a blanket ladder or woven basket to store all your remaining blankets! 

2. Milk jug flowers

Do you like to bring flowers and greenery into your home with the different seasons? If so, consider using a milk jug as the vase for your flowers this spring.

Simple and subtle, milk jugs add a level of elegance and simplicity to your decor. Find them in a variety of colors, or source a vintage one from your local antique store.

Not a big fan of milk jugs? You can use a rustic metal gardening pail instead! It goes well with a variety of decor, and if you don’t like to add greenery or flowers to your space, you can use it in your kitchen to hold all your utensils, such as spatulas and tongs. 

3. A crisp indoor rug

Did you know that rugs help with soundproofing a space? This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment or rented space. Y

ou can’t install your own carpet, but you can put down a rug. The thicker the rug, the better the soundproofing. A crisp, new indoor rug might be just the thing you need to freshen up your decor this spring.

Consider finding one that’s a darker color, as it will help to hide any dirt or stain accumulation between steam cleanings.

If you have a lot of solid neutrals in your space, consider getting a rug with a fun pattern or bold accent color that you don’t have anywhere else in your space.

Rugs are a great statement piece since they cover so much square footage! If you have a rectangular coffee table, consider using a circular area rug — and vice versa. 

4. Lay down some new sheets on your bed

Spring Decorations to Freshen Up Your Home
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When updating your decor for the spring season, you might not look at your bedroom as a space that needs much updating.

But, in smaller spaces where people can easily see into your bedroom space, you’ll want to be sure it feels fresh and inviting.

Plus, it’s where you lay your head at night. Who says it doesn’t need livening up from time to time? A set of new sheets, complete with some soft custom pillow cases, might be just the perfect addition to your space for the new season.

Choose a neutral color, or go bold with a bright pastel. Make sure your comforter, duvet, quilt or blanket on top of your sheets contrasts with them so that they don’t appear to run together or clash. 

5. Bring in new bookends

Do you have a couple of bookshelves in your space? If you’re anything like most avid readers, the shelves are stocked full of precious paperbacks, each one a little more weathered than the next.

Give your bookshelf some love this spring by adding some bookends to it! For spring, choose a set of flower bookends or leaf ones.

Other options include your initials or even owls. Either way, bookends are a great way to encourage you to do some spring cleaning of your bookcase before the season starts so that it looks fresh and inviting instead of cluttered and overwhelming. 

6. Give your front porch a refresh

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You can’t neglect the outside of your home when redecorating for the season! Sure, it might seem easy to slap a seasonal wreath on your front door and call it a day, but you can do so much more with your front porch to really make it look refreshed for spring.

Add a new personalized door mat, paint the front door, consider replacing the plants and maybe even paint your shutters. All together, these refreshes will make your house look brand new!

It’ll get your neighbors jealous, for sure. Confirm with your HOA that all your new updates will stay within their rules and guidelines and then redecorate to your heart’s content! 

7. Use a bar cart

Bar carts are the things of the future. Useful for more than just glassware and alcohol, bar carts can be used in a variety of ways.

Portable kitchen storage, bathroom items and even office supplies are all common uses for rolling bar carts. If you’re really looking for a way to elevate your space, then a bar cart is definitely the way to go.

Many bar carts come in brushed metal finishes these days, helping to look much more elevated than a traditional utility cart.

While you might have to assemble it yourself, it’s definitely worth the reward of having a moving cart you can use to store extra items you might not have space for elsewhere.

Bringing in the new spring season means freshening up your decor. There are many ways you can add a refresh to your space without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out.

After you’ve done your annual spring cleaning, be sure to use some new sheets on your bed or add a cozy throw blanket to your living room. You’ll be so thankful for the fresh, like-new space!

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