Tips On Getting A New Dining Table in Canada

What do you first visualize when you think about a dining space? Our first bet is the dining table. A focal point in the space and an investment in the home, a dining table is not only an aesthetic but also a practical piece.

As a place where people enjoy meals and play catch up, a lot is riding on your choice when buying a dining table. A well-selected dining table can serve you a lifetime, but how do you choose one out of the many options?

The task of getting a new table in Canada is not so straightforward; there are decisions to make and choices to narrow down. Fortunately, there are tips you can employ to make the best choice for your dining area.

5 Key Pointers When Buying A Dining Table

Tips On Getting A New Dining Table in Canada

When you walk into Anne Quinn Furniture looking for a new dining table, you will find plenty of options. Large and small, round and square, weathered or polished; the choice is yours.

However, if you want to make your purchase count, it helps to have a shopping guide to make the right choice. Below are some pointers to help with your purchase.

Measure Thrice, Purchase Once

A dining table is something you do not buy every day; thus, putting a lot of thought into the purchase is essential. To find what works for your dining room, begin by understanding the available space.

Measure between the table and wall and the wall and furniture, ensuring enough leg room and space for traffic around the seating. The best dining table should fill out the room without cramping it.

Shape To Function

Your needs should dictate the shape and size of your dining table. A shape may appeal to you but still not work for your space, it is important to always lead with your needs and function.

For instance, a large rectangular dining table is not the best option for a small family as it does not provide the intimate feel of a square one. Additionally, an oval or round-shaped dining table will be more suitable for a small dining area.

Design With Taste

While size and shape come first when deciding which dining table to choose, aesthetics do not fall far behind. The dining table is a long-term investment; you do not want to get stuck with something you cannot stand looking at a year or two after getting it.

When picking out the dining table design, you can choose either two ways; get a style that matches your interior or mix and match.

A similar style to your decor will complement the home’s overall style, whereas a mix in design brings an edge to your space.


Always blend aesthetics and practicality when choosing the material for your dining table. Each material brings something to the table (pun intended), from wood, glass, marble to metal.

Wood and marble are beautiful and durable, but they require care and high maintenance. Glass and metal, on the other hand, add a tinge of sophistication and edge, respectively, into space. However, they do not integrate well in just any home style.

To make an informed choice, you should do a deep dive into each material and determine which is more in line with what you are looking for.

Comfort Counts

A lot of effort goes into determining the right size, shape, and material for the dining table, which sometimes overshadows comfort. An uncomfortable dining table makes it challenging to entertain and enjoy hearty meals.

Chairs that are too high or too low are strenuous and uncomfortable. To avoid this, take a close look at the sizing of your dining chairs or seating, as this will differ from one dining table shape to another.

In Closing

When you think about finding the right dining table, there is a lot of pressure to find the best. And the many options do not make it any easier.

Homeowners debate countlessly about this or that before settling one, but there is no reason you should. Now that you have the tips for buying a new dining table in Canada, all left is you to pick and choose. Happy shopping!

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