The Guide: What Is Fiberon Decking Made of?

A home renovation includes some repair parts. The last part of your home renovation is to build a terrace and a free space. You can see some options for those spaces. You can use a Fiberon decking board to decorate your decking area. What is Fiberon decking made of? Does it deserve to be used for a home renovation?

The Material of Fiberon Decking

Fiberon decking is from composite materials. Most take the recycled plastic materials and wooden manufacturer waste. All parts and materials of Fiberon products are from composite forming from 94 to 96% recycled materials.

Then, it is heated and pressed into any shape. Then, it is covered with recycled plastic material for protective coverage.

The Making Process of Fiberon Decking

You can reveal the details of Fiberon. Then, you find a suitable property for your home renovation. Fiberon is from composite materials.

You can buy it to replace the use of wooden boards. If you want to buy it, you can find Fiberon in two locations, in the US. Those are in North Carolina, and Idaho. Composite decking is made of the rest of the manufacturer’s wood and recycled plastic.

The recycled material is usually 94 to 96% of recycled materials. Fiberon makes a decking board closed. You can heat and press the composite. Then,you can add it as a protection detail. It is a protective material on the composite. The composite looks stronger and easy to treat.

Is Fiberon Decking Eco Friendly?

What is Fiberon decking made of? Fiberon decking is an eco-friendly product. The material is recycled materials. Fiberon claims a process to prevent more than 60.000 tons of wood and plastic from contaminating the waste channel.

The companies use wood and plastic materials from a local source. It helps to keep the company’s carbon levels low. Fiberon uses a manufacturing process which doesn’t produce wastewater.

It tries to use the produced waste again during the making process. If you don’t want to increase and keep a credential environment, Fiberon decking is the right choice.

The Differences between Trex and Fiberon

Trex is an original composite decking product. It is almost similar to Fiberon. The product is similar though Fiberon has positive points about the colour choices. Fiberon also offers a longer warranty up to 50 years on some premium products.

Though both brands produce covering board for the durable and attractive finish matte. Trex doesn’t offer to cover board options for four sides. If you install decking on the top floor, you can install composite tiles or Fiberon.

High-quality decking material can last longer between ten to fifteen years. Fiberon can last 25 years. It assumes that the company claims the deck will stay longer. Of course, you need to treat it well. You can treat the original Fiberon regularly.

The composite decking can be cleaned with soap once. What is Fiberon decking made of? It is from composite, a durable material for your terrace. Those are some positive things about Fiberon for a home renovation material.


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