The Best Layout to Transform Your Swimming Pool Into A Water Park Paradise

Layouting is a core design principle. This does not only apply to the digital arts, but the layout also applies to buildings and constructions, especially for building attractions like swimming pools and other commercial spots. 

Today’s discussion will focus on designing modern and innovative swimming pools and water sports parks. This is a perfect time since summer is around the corner, and get some ideas for you to adapt in your residential swimming areas. 

Design layout to adapt in your backyard or commercial swimming pools

1. Lazy river pools

Gone are the days of linear and rectangular pools. There is added fun you olay with the shape of your water sports facility. You can use dwindling outlines, and one popular layout is the lazy river. 

As the name suggests, your water leisure area transforms into a replica of a river. This is a unique way to bring a tropical them swimming place into your properties.

Or, if you are catering to a commercial pool, you can adopt this concept and decorate the pool decks with actual trees and tropical plants. Or add travertine cut stone to the “Amazon-like river bend n your backyard.

2. Oval-shaped pools

Again, make is of outline or shape of pols that departs for traditional rectangular pools. The challenge would be to cut the pool basin and coping into curved lines. 

The oval shape can be perfect for irregular-shaped backyards. Not all areas are bounded with an ideal square land area. Some would have curved boundaries. 

Making the pool shaped as the land looks makes a seamless visual where each element coincides.

By working with the best swimming pool company in dubai, you will be able to get your very own oval-shaped pool. This is a design idea that can only be executed by professionals that have years of experience in making swimming pools.

3. Island paradise

Here is something that would make you want to visit tropical, eastern shores. Have you been to Bali? How about the Maldives or the white beaches in Southeast Asia? These places overflow with tropical island spots. 

You may not be able to visit the tropical islands when you are stuck in the western part of the world. But you can definitely design your backyard swimming pools with replicas of the sandy beaches. 

Here are simple tricks to do this:

  • Include decks using natural materials las concrete pool decks or exposed aggregates
  • Combine concrete decks with actual gravel and sand finish
  • Set up large botanical plants with huge palm-like leaves
  • Use tropical colors like tangerine, aquamarine, and oceanic colors
  • Include oceanic stained pool deck to balance the contrast of cool and warm colors
  • Use wicker chairs and other furniture to match the outdoor setup

Have success in doing this when you let a professional pool decking Tampa. With experts in resurfacing, the outcome would make the decks stand out!

4. Spiral Layout

A linear outline would often limit your perspective. However, these shapes would often come out clean and sleek.

But you can still apply clean outlines even if you use rigid forms. Spiral layouts would look rigid, and you can derive unique designs to the format.

You can achieve a spiral layout using the following ideas:

  • Spiraling slides
  • Brundgeing decks
  • Multilayered decks
  • Mixed decking materials
  • Mixed type pool (ex: infinity pool with above ground pools

5. Circular layout

Circular layouts are not new, although some owners would prefer linear ones. However, what you can do is add a circular element to your conventional pool layout.

For example, you can add a circular jacuzzi on one corner of the swimming pool. Or a circular firepit beside the existing one. 

Another is to create a circular pol decking where you can set up a campfire-like lounging deck. That would be an inviting place for people to gather around and chill over smores and warm cocoa.

6. Neboulus layout

Nebulous swimming pools would have a more playful design. This is inspired by the shape of a nebula, a galaxy with arms extending outward. This would remind you of a shape of a crab or seashell with its protruding claws. 

This would work best among commercial swimming pools with the main central pool, and the tiny pool would surround it following the layout of a nebulous design.

7. Custom layout

Ever wonder if you can design the swimming pools with distinct animal shapes? Starfish, seahorse, and even a clamshell would have an exciting look. These are customized swimming pools. 

Having a realistic layout would give you a nice aerial shot, especially if you plan to open the swimming area for the public as a commercial pool.

8. Mixed decking layout

The last item for you from the list is a mixed type of deck. The layout would feature other decking materials, such as concrete, wood, tiles, etc. 

Another way to approach and feature a mixed-type deck is to use framing and border on the pool floors. A pebbled and tiled decks collage would add fun dynamics to a plain concrete deck. This is also achievable using DIY pool decks. 

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