How to Transform Your Garage From a Dumpster Into a True Man Cave

Have you ever seen those garages that look like they are taken out of a Hollywood movie set? They look like every man’s dream. Take a look at your garage. Does it look anything like those garages from magazines? If not, you’d like to read this article to the end.

Garages are the place where men love spending time. They fix things inside, enjoy themselves with their thoughts while designing something, or simply clean the car from the garbage accumulated during the working week when they didn’t have time to get to it.

Everyone loves having an excellent working area. A garage is a place where men spend a lot of time, so they deserve to have their own place of enjoyment.

Some like to call this a man cave. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips to help you turn your garage mess into an actual man cave. Read on if you want to know how to do it seamlessly.

Install enough toolbox cabinets

Transform Your Garage From a Dumpster Into a True Man Cave

The first thing to do is clean up the mess. Go through the items and see which ones belong to the garbage and what you would like to keep. Once you make the distinction, you should throw out what was meant for it and find a way to store everything else properly.

Investing in enough storage room is the first thing to do. Get yourself enough cabinets to store all the items inside. All the tools, machines, and other stuff need to have a designated space inside, where they will be away from the naked eye, but you’ll know where they are.

Get a few large cabinets placed by the walls, but you can also find ways to use the other items and adjust them to be useful. For example, you can place them under tray boxes below the working table. This way, you get access to the most commonly used tools at all times.

Change the flooring

The flooring is one of those things that can make your garage look fantastic or look like it was abandoned. The best solution for a garage is a linoleum flooring installed on top of the concrete or asphalt that the object is built on.

The linoleum can be custom-made with a design that the garage owner wants to have, making the place personalized and authentic.

More importantly, though, linoleum is simple to maintain, and even if it gets destroyed after some time, it’s not expensive to remove it and replace it with a new one.

Add some entertainment

What a man cave would be without some entertainment inside. Some men go overboard with ideas and investments and turn their garages into true nightclubs or movie theaters. You don’t have to do this because a garage should keep its original purpose, but some entertainment won’t hurt.

Get yourself some games, an arcade, a bar, and a fridge. Of course, these are just examples, and you should install whatever you feel like the best fit for your wishes. Invite some friends over, and spend a Saturday evening laughing and enjoying yourselves.

Keep everything neat

To have a perfectly-looking garage, you should keep the place spotless. After storing all tools inside cabinets and toolboxes, cleaning up the dirt, repainting the walls, and having the garage cleaned up thoroughly, you should spend a couple of minutes per day to keep it neat.

Install proper lighting

If you love spending time fixing and building things in your garage, you need proper lighting. Most garages come with one light in the middle of the ceiling, which is often not enough. Invest in good main ceiling light, but also place a couple of more lights on the walls and in places where you think this may be helpful.

A lamp on the table where you do most of the work is also essential. This will help you see what you’re doing. After turning on all lights, your garage should look like a stadium in a Sunday night Football game.

Invest in technology

Smart homes are in right now. Including your garage in this tech concept is a great idea. You can include the garage inside the system of the entire house, or you can create one just for that place. Install a smart speaker, connect the TV, the lights, and other stuff inside the system, and have a smart garage.

If you opt for a new and modern garage door that will be accessible through an app, you’re entirely turning it into smart living.

The technology of the 2020s is so exciting, and your garage will be out of this world if you implement this technology. Your friends will surely love spending time at your place in such a setting, and everyone will have tons of fun.

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