Transform Your Windows on a Budget

Most people love to update the interior of their home from time to time by following new trends or, having been inspired by others, they just fancy making a few changes. Sometimes though, it’s because a property is in real need of a makeover, however, doing so can be expensive and most of us won’t want to break the bank in the process of updating or making the rooms more attractive.

A good place to start is with the windows. Installing a set of shutters is a fantastic way of making a style statement while providing a way to control the amount of light and fresh air that enters the house. With such a wide range of styles, colors and material to choose from there are options to suit all tastes and the type of home.

DIY installation

Some companies offer to install their shutters for you for an added fee. That will make them considerably more expensive as you will be are paying for the fitter’s time and expertise. However, some other companies, including The Shutter Store, sell a wide variety of self-installation shutters. This is a great way of saving money on your home makeover budget while still getting the benefits of an amazing quality product.

It can be a bit daunting for those that are new to the world of DIY to install shutters, but you would be surprised at just how simple it can be. With easy to follow guides available online there is plenty of advice to assist you.

The Shutter Store breaks it down completely on the website with video guides and step by step instructions on installing their interior window shutters to all sorts of windows, from a curved bay window to a three-section bay window. That makes installing them yourself a relatively simple DIY project.

When delivered to you, your shutters will have everything needed to mount and fit them, including a frame. When followed correctly the instructions will help you to achieve a clean, easy fit and the shutters will slot seamlessly into the frame.

As the shutters are designed to be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills the simplicity of the installation process will result in a finished product that looks professionally fitted. That will give you the satisfaction of having an expensive looking product whilst saving you some money.

Transformative Benefits

But why choose shutters and not a nice new set of drapes or blinds? Not only do shutters look amazing in any home they also have so many benefits that you wouldn’t have even considered in terms of getting the most out of your windows.

They completely open up your windows to let in as much light as possible on those light and sunny summer days, and you will be surprised at the increase in the amount of light that floods into your home.

Louvered or slatted shutters can act as a form of ventilation when opened against an open window. Air can easily drift in and out of the house to keep a cool stream of air coming in. Keeping the house airy is a huge benefit when it starts to get too hot and unbearable in the summer, transforming your hot stuffy home into one that is nice and cool.

It might come as a surprise but shutters can be a great way to save you a little bit of money over time on your heating bills. During the winter the shutters against your window acts as a second layer of insulation so that cold drafts can’t enter.

A common problem in the winter is that heat easily escapes through old windows causing you to turn up the thermostat to make up for the heat that is lost. The added insulation from shutters stops this from happening and keeps the heat within your home.

Money can also be saved through the easy maintenance of shutters. Whereas curtains have to be regularly taken to the dry cleaners to keep them clean, fresh and dust free, all shutters require are a quick dust down to keep them looking as good as new.

The Look

Aesthetically, shutters make a fantastic feature for any kind of home, for those who are more traditional in their décor choice to quirky and unique modern trendsetters. With a huge selection of bold and daring colors to choose from or a choice of more neutral subdued shades there is a color for everyone. If your home is a bit more natural and softer in its decorative choices, choosing a wooden finish could be a great choice for you.

Color isn’t the only decision to make when it comes to designing your shutters. There’s also a wide variety of style and a choice of material to make. When it comes to style you can choose from full height shutters that cover the full height of the window; tier on tier shutters which are two independent panels making a full height shutter, or for a bit of a different look, café style shutters that only cover the bottom half of the window.

Any of these three core styles can be solid paneled or louvered: made up of slats. Any one of these styles can be made of either FSC certified wood or water resistant polyvinyl. From the living room to the bathroom there is a style and material perfect for every room in your home.

Shutters are a timeless asset to add to your home. With their popularity dating back to the 1500s in England, it’s safe to say they are definitely a purchase that won’t be going out of style any time soon. The premium quality of the wood or the PVC used in the construction of shutters prevents warping from happening in humid conditions, keeping them at their best quality for many years to come.

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