7 DIY Attic Storage Ideas to Organize Your Space

Attic Storage Ideas – Some people create an attic in their houses, but not many use that. It is an abandoned place with a huge potential to store many things.

The attic can be your other storeroom. If you are considering, here are some attic storage ideas to place and beautify the attic space.

Best Attic Storage Ideas

1. Floating shelves

Floating shelves attic

One of the best storage for your attic is the floating shelves. They’re not standing on the floor but floating between the lumbers.

Consider this idea if your attic has a too low ceiling. Putting the plywood can be decorative yet multifunctional cause the upper and bottom parts can be used.

However, this style isn’t a very good idea if your attic is humid. If you live in an area that is raining unpredictably and too often, the plywood might be getting soft.

It’s low cost but needs high maintenance. This storage is perfect for dry areas only.

2. DIY rack

DIY rack attic

If you think that you can do the DIF for your attic rack, why not? However, you need to consider and check many things.

The spacious attic is good, but how about its floor? Some people don’t add more flooring for the attic. If the DIY rack is too heavy, it’s dangerous for your house.

You can try making some wooden racks. Metallic ones are heavier than wooden ones. It’s easy to bring upstairs, too, and doesn’t need much effort.

But, it’s more practical if you make ones inside your attic. So you can be more creative and don’t have to bring the rack upstairs.

3. Hidden closet

Hidden closet storage

When you still have an unfinished attic, try to build the hidden closet. It’s not only for clothes that you rarely wear but also other items.

The hidden closet in the attic is a very great idea since it saves more space. Inside the closet, you can have many compartments too.

4. Drawer shelf

Drawer attic shelf

Is your attic spacious and has strong flooring? Consider a drawer shelf in it. The big size one will help you to store many things in it.

These attic storage ideas also have decorative purposes. Some compartments have the drawer; some are open. You can display things like frames and vases too.

5. Airtight container

Airtight container

Changing the loft into a playroom for your kids is always possible. What’s the perfect storage for this function? Choose the airtight container.

The container can protect every item inside. It won’t be dirty, yet protected from overheating if there’s a sunroof.

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6. Cabinet

Cabinet attic storage

Who says that cabinet is only for the kitchen top? You can have ones too in your attic area. The cabinet can be hidden, taking the slight part under the roof.

It can be open or closed with the doors too—compartments inside the cabinet store many items than you expected.

7. Book storage

Attic Book storage

Another best choice for your attic is the storage that looks like a bookcase. Some people choose this idea since they use the attic to store the books that they never read anymore instead of the garage.

You can find beautiful storage like the bookcase at IKEA.

So, which are attic storage ideas that fit your attic concept? These ideas can be applied to your finished and unfinished attic.

Besides making the items organized, storage is always helpful to categorize the items.

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