Two-Bed Apartments: How to Adequately Style Your Second Bedroom

Not everyone has that creative and stylish brain where they can innovate within their own home. Some people need to rely on experts and guidance from others in order to produce good stylish ideas for their homes.

This is not a dreadful thing, and people should not be too proud to ask. It is important to take a level of pride in your home. It’s good for your spirit and good for practical reasons.

It eases day-to-day stresses knowing that this place is yours and that it’s easy to be within its walls. A second bedroom can pose some problems. If it’s not abundantly clear what to use it for, it can be neglected.

As such, ensuring that it has a use is important. Part of that use defines its style and aesthetic. An obvious function for this space is as a bedroom, rather than a home office. What follows below is our guide to styling this second bedroom.


The focal point of any bedroom is the bed itself. You can get these in all shapes in sizes. Decades ago, it was quite simple where people had a choice of a single or double bed, but nowadays this has moved to King Size and Queen Size options.

With this, you can then purchase a nice comfortable mattress. You do not have to immediately default to an expensive one, and you can get a cheap mattress of very good quality. Even changing the style of bedding that you have can have an immediate and positive impact.

Recent innovations in bedding have also included TV beds. These have a compartment at the end of the bed, press a button and up comes a TV. Innovation at its best!


Specifically in a second bedroom, people may use that for guests (if they do not have a family). As a result, this is not taken care of as if it were your own which results in damage potentially to the furniture or carpets.

This is not always the case, but it is something to bear in mind. With that consideration, carpets are something that can get ruined very quickly with people going on them with dirty shoes/trainers or even having a spillage.

For a second bedroom, it is therefore recommended to consider replacing any carpets with a hard floor. There is a misconception that this is an expensive option that comes with a lot of hassle.

This does not need to be the case as there are many cheap options at decent quality and you can usually get a joiner in your local area to lay.


The lighting in bedrooms is especially important to set the mood. Some people may go for a traditional ceiling light or even spotlights, while others may decide to go for lamps.

Whatever you go for, there is no right or wrong, and a lot of this will come down to personal taste. If making these changes also consider the environmental impact and energy costs.

Going for lots of different high-energy lights will result in more electricity which in turn adds a further cost. Today, LED bulbs are commonplace and use a third of the energy, and can be dimmed for a moody aesthetic.

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