The Best Types of Bathroom Door for Different Bathroom Styles

Bathrooms are crucial, both in design and function. Since it is a high-traffic place, you need to consider the best types of bathroom door. This part is the gate of privacy, so you have to prepare a durable door. Before choosing the best one for your space, check the list of doors here.

1. Pocket Door

Pocket Bathroom Door

Pocket door is one of the types of bathroom door which is a more aesthetic choice. The door is hidden between the walls and it is a good option if you have a narrow bathroom. You don’t need more space, but it is not tightly closed. You need the proper design to have this door for the bathroom.

2. Glass Door

Glass Door Ideas

A glass door may be the most durable option as long as you are careful with it. The glass door is easy to clean. When the heat creates a fog on the glass door, you can wipe it with a wet cloth. You have to prepare a proper design so it won’t be damaged easily.

3. PVC Door

PVC Door Ideas

PVC is one of the best types of bathroom door. Installing PVC will guarantee that it lasts long. The PVC material itself is waterproof. It is also strong enough to prevent any termites from living on it. When it gets dirty, you can just wipe the door and it will be clean again.

4. Sliding Door

Sliding Bathroom Door

If you don’t have enough space for the bathroom, then a sliding door can be a great choice for it. A sliding door doesn’t need any pocket but you have to prepare a sliding door above the upper frame. It doesn’t need floor space to open. However, it may have a disadvantage because it is not tightly closed.

5. Frameless Door

Frameless Bathroom Door

The frameless door is one of the popular types of bathroom door. It doesn’t have any frames at all and usually the door material is glass. It appears pretty for the bathroom design. You can adjust a lot of models for this frameless door. Many minimalist styles use this door type.

6. Aluminum Waterproof Door

Aluminum Waterproof Door

Since the bathroom is the place where the moisture is very high, the aluminum door is the best type to consider. The aluminum will not get rust even though it faces high moisture and some water age on it. At the market, the aluminum door is very cheap as well.

7. Solid Wood Door

Solid Wood Door Ideas

Although wooden doors are not as good as other materials, many people use these doors because it gives a warm vibe. However, you need to consider that the bathroom will not have high moisture. The water spillage on the wood door will invite fungi and bacteria. It is not durable though the design is great.

8. UPVC Door

types of bathroom door

The UPVC door is a smart option because it is like a PVC door. The material is sturdy, and it will last long. The maintenance is very easy, and you can just wipe the door when it has water spillage or stain. UPVC is way better than plastic because its strength is higher. The durability is for more than a decade.

These types of bathroom door are the best models that you can choose for the bathroom. The design is adjustable in any theme. You need to consider the space and the size of the bathroom before choosing the right door type.

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