The Favorite Types of Bathroom Sinks in Modern Houses

The bathroom sink is part of the bathroom where more modern houses are put in the space. The sink is crucial for some activities, such as washing hands, and face, and brushing teeth. The types of bathroom sinks are various according to the style. Check the models available below.

1. Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

The type of this sink is unique because it stands alone. It is not on the countertop. The pedestal is like a standing basin with a long stick that is similar to a bird bath. It is popular nowadays for a narrow bathroom because the size is smaller and doesn’t need a lot of space.

2. Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Drop-in Bathroom Sink

The drop-in sink style is one of the types of bathroom sinks that are very popular all over the world. It is usually on the countertop and it is lower than the surface of the countertop. The size may vary, but the design should be adjusted to the size of the countertop.

3. Corner Bathroom Sink

Corner Bathroom Sink

The corner bathroom sink is the sink where it stands on the corner. This space is barely used, so putting the sink will maximize the space function itself. This is one of the types of bathroom sinks that is minimalist. You can hang a towel hanger next to it.

4. Trough Bathroom Sink

Trough Bathroom Sink

This is the style that you may find in public spaces such as malls and restaurants. However, you can have this one in the house as well. The trough bathroom sink is a rectangular sink that has one or two taps above. It is higher than the surface of the countertop.

5. Wall-mounted Bathroom Sink

Types of Bathroom Sinks

Among the best types of bathroom sinks, the wall-mounted style is attached to the wall. The height may vary but it is usually a meter from the ground. The wall-mounted needs a proper design because it involves the complexity of plumbing.

6. Console Bathroom Sink

Console Bathroom Sink

This style is a combination of wall-mounted and pedestal. It gives the vibe of simplicity to the bathroom. The stand consists of two legs while the sink is attached to the wall. It is the perfect option for types of bathroom sinks in a narrow space.

7. The Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink

The Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink

Stainless steel is a high-quality material for the bathroom sink. It is reliable because easy to clean and durable for a long time. The stainless steel sink can be installed in many ways, but it is popular as a drop-in sink. It doesn’t get rust as well.

8. Washbasin Sink

Types of Bathroom Sinks

The washbasin sink is the type where the sink looks like a bowl on top of the countertop. It may be attached to the countertop since it needs the pipe for the water excess. It is one of the modern and minimalist types of the bathroom sink.

9. Glass Sink

Glass Sink Bathroom

The glass sink is another type that is also reliable for the bathroom sink. However, you require a special countertop for this since it is more fragile than other materials. It is reliable and durable for a long time use.

The types of bathroom sinks give different nuances to the bathroom. You should consider the style of the bathroom and how large the space is. Other than that, the hygienic scale should be a priority to consider since it is a high-traffic part of daily activities.

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