The 8 Favorite Types of Bedroom Styles

The bedroom is a high-traffic place and you spend a third of your life in this place. Therefore, it is very crucial to choose one of these types of bedroom styles to have better sleep. The vibe of the bedroom can be different from the rest of the space in your house.

Since decorating should be taken seriously, you have to know the styling of the bedroom that will suit your mood. Find out the types of bedrooms that will increase your rest quality in this article.

1. Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

More people use contemporary bedrooms since it has a soft color. The furnishing inside has a wood theme. It may be cold or warm depending on the color choices. The furniture inside is inviting and the homeowners have a good rest. Fewer furnishing is better for this style.

2. Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian Bedroom Design

The Scandinavian is one of the types of bedroom styles which has a fine line and lighter atmosphere. This is the theme where you can find comfort and minimalism. The bed is simple, as well as the other furniture. The color combination in this style consists of black, white, grey, and wood.

3. Eclectic Bedroom

Eclectic Bedroom Ideas

The eclectic bedroom is a new style that combines your creativity in the bedroom. It doesn’t look messy even though there are many different elements in it. A combination of boho and minimalist themes creates eclectic vibes and you can hang your paintings with bold colors as well.

4. Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom Type

The Bohemian is one of the types of bedroom styles where you can combine many colors, textures, and patterns in the same space. Bohemian is no longer related to Boho-chic because the look nowadays is more global. One object may be small and another is oversize in the bedroom.

5. Coastal Bedroom

Coastal Bedroom Type

The coastal bedroom is a style where the room gets more natural light. Besides coming from the window, the wall is all white to maximize it. The furniture in it is minimalist with conventional and modern styles. You can add rustic themes, a pot of plants, and a big frame mirror for elements.

6. Cottage Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom Type

Though a cottage bedroom is a bit tricky, it is one of the popular bedroom styles that you can apply to your space. The cottage bedroom has a specialty where the floor is made from wood. The wall is not plain but art wallpaper. It is cozier with leaded windows.

7. Art Deco Bedroom

Art Deco Bedroom Type

The art deco bedroom is the style where the homeowners put some creativity in it. The wall is full of decorations like wallpaper or paintings. The rest of the furniture is a combination of many styles. It looks a bit full, but the whole furniture is functional.

8. Shabby Chic

types of bedroom

Shabby chic is not only for girls or teenagers. It is an adorable option for bedroom styling. The bed can be made from metal or wood, but it has simple lines. The shabby chic is full of pastel colors and the furniture has a shabby chic theme that you can find in the market.

Those types of bedroom styles are the most popular ones nowadays. They can fit the bedroom in any size as long as you adjust the size of the furniture too. Don’t forget that you have to create a room as cozy as possible for your sleeping time.

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