7 Types of Driveway Pavers for Different Purposes

GripElements.com – Pavers are blocks and slabs from various materials like rubber, porcelain, travertine, marble, flagstone, concrete, clay or brick, and also plastic. You can use pavers to create pool decks, patios, driveways, and others. Now, check out the seven types of driveway pavers.

1. Brick Pavers

what type of pavers for driveways

For centuries, people have been using brick pavers as surfacing materials. This paver is made of molded clay. The clay is going to pass through some processes including the baking process in the kiln. And then it will set into a sand base or mortar on your driveway.

Brick pavers are the most ideal alternative to concrete. You can lay the brick pavers in a range of color combinations and patterns with various textures and characters.

2. Concrete Pavers

what type of pavers are used for driveways

These types of driveway pavers come in various sizes and shapes. Just like the previous one, concrete pavers also come in various thicknesses, textures, sizes, and colors. Installing concrete pavers is super easy. It is a cheaper raw material to consider than bricks.

3. Bluestone Pavers

different types of driveway paving

Bluestone is a sandstone variation that people often use to create sustainable and elegant driveways. This type of paver for driveways comes in various shapes and sizes.

These pavers offer various looks since you can crush bluestone into gravel. Or you can also leave them in massive slabs.

4. Flagstone Pavers

different types of pavers for driveways

Those who want to create an elegant and gorgeous driveway should consider using a flagstone paver. The look of the flagstone is striking.

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock you can use as pavers in a driveway or patio. The pavers have a unique shape and will fit together just like a puzzle.

Unlike concrete and brick, flagstone pavers are thinner pavers. Flagstone pavers come in various colors. However, the most famous ones are red and grey hues.

5. Marble Pavers

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When pressure and extremely high heat are exposing the limestone, they are forming marble. This is a random process that disarranges crystal particles. That’s why marble has a unique pattern. You can use marble pavers for commercial and residential purposes.

Many people use these types of driveway pavers for their patios, grass-yard lanes, walkways, and driveways. Those pavers create gorgeous outdoor landscapes and exhibit an elegant and graceful aura at once.

6. Travertine Pavers

types of block paving for driveways

Just like marble, travertine is an eco-friendly and all-natural material you can use in various ways.

The pressure and also changing temperature are forming and developing sedimentary rock. Travertine pavers are very durable and will add value to the exterior of your house.

7. Porcelain Pavers

different types of driveway pavers

The makers of porcelain pavers are treating clay with extremely high temperatures. They want to create a durable and hard surface that has a non-porous finish.

Now, you can use porcelain pavers inside and outside your house. Porcelain pavers are excellent options for wet areas like pool decks.

From the seven types of driveway pavers above, which one should you get for your driveways? Make sure that you consider many things before choosing one. For example, consider the weather in your region, the budget you prepare for the pavers, and where will you place the pavers.

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