Four Winter Activities to Do in Muskoka Ontario This Year

Whether it’s snowman-building, sleigh rides, or seasonal winter crafts, the Canadian holiday season is all about having wintertime fun with family. The holidays may also be a terrific time to travel.

The Muskoka region of Ontario is the ideal vacation spot for families seeking for a place to stay in Canada.

Muskoka is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, several lakes, ski resorts, and beautiful home, such as these private lake of bays cottages for sale right now!

Due to the fact that Muskoka receives a lot of snow during this time of year, it is the epitome of a Canadian winter wonderland. The best family activities in Muskoka this winter are listed below.

Winter Sleigh Rides

Winter Activities

A well-liked family activity in Muskoka is horse-drawn sleigh rides, which give you the chance to wrap up the kids and experience Muskoka in style as these mighty and beautiful animals pull your sleigh tour through the fresh, white snow.


Winter skating is a Canadian institution, and Muskoka has some of the greatest rinks in the nation! The range of skating opportunities available in Muskoka is what makes it unique.

There are ice rinks everywhere—indoor, outdoor, and—most thrilling of all—no rinks at all! In Muskoka, ice skating trails are a well-liked family activity since they combine ice skating with nature walks. Through the scenery and woods of Muskoka, paths have been carved out so you may enjoy the best of nature.

The Arrowhead Ice Skating Track, which is located in Muskoka and is the largest man-made skating trail in Ontario, bills itself as a “Fairy Tale Skate Through the Canadian Forest” and is 1.3 kilometres long.

Ice Fishing

Another enduring winter ritual in Canada is ice fishing. Since Muskoka has so many frozen lakes, it’s one of the most well-liked wintertime activities for families.

Cutting a hole through the thick sheet of ice above the lake and putting a line through it to the bottom is known as ice fishing. Because of this, the lakes in Muskoka are teeming with fish that can be freshly fried for dinner, like whitefish and lake trout.

The guided ice fishing tours offered by Muskoka Stay n’ Play Tours include instruction, bait, use of snowmobiles, and a heated hut to keep warm in while you fish.

Dog Sledding

Winter Activities to Do in Muskoka Ontario

In the past, dog sledding was a crucial mode of transportation for navigating the harsh winter landscape.

These days, Muskoka provides dog sledding excursions that transport visitors through specialised icy tracks that cover miles of the area.

When it snowed heavily in the past, dog sledding was utilised to safely move people and objects over the landscape. One such dog sledding company is North Ridge Ranch, which has approximately 60 Alaskan huskies in residence and a number of privately owned trails.

These are just a few of the fantastic family activities Muskoka has to offer; there are many more, including skiing, fat biking, snowshoeing, and more!

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