7 Types of Driveway Surfaces and Shapes to Consider

GripElements.com – The driveway is the face of your house. It will affect the look and value of your house. Before creating the driveway, learn about the various types of driveway surfaces.

Many shapes of driveways will help you figure out which one looks better for your house. Below are some shapes of the driveway to consider.

1. Straight Driveway

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Among various shapes of driveways you can consider, the straight one is the most common shape. Straight driveways look super simple. They don’t require complex planning, a brilliant option if you are going to do it yourself in the driveway.

2. Curved Driveway

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This driveway shape is a perfect option for those who have a house the position is unique. A curved driveway will be lovely and will be aesthetically pleasing. Many people love a curved driveway instead of a straight driveway because it has a much better look.

However, before choosing this driveway, you better talk to a professional driveway installer. They are going to help you make the right choice.

3. U-Shape Driveway

what are the different types of driveway surfaces

This driveway is for houses that have two side entrances. These types of driveway surfaces make the exterior of your house looks splendid and elegant.

The two entrances, on the right and left sides, usually are separated by a small garden in the middle. It creates a wonderful landscape.

4. Circular Driveway

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If you have a huge luxury house, consider creating a circular driveway in front of the house. Choose luxury materials for the circular driveway, like marble driveways.

And then build a small garden in the middle of the circular driveway. A small fish pond with a water fountain will look great.

5. Y-Shape Driveway

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These types of driveway surfaces are another unique driveway with an unusual shape. The forks of the Y-shaped driveway have an arm that leads to your garage. Another arm of the Y-shaped driveway is going to lead you to the front door.

This is a great driveway option for those who have one entrance from the main road but need a driveway to different doors.

6. Green Lawn Driveway

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If you want to keep your house looking natural, consider installing a green lawn driveway. A green lawn driveway usually has a plastic underlay you should place under the grass.

The plastic allows the grass to work better as the driveway. This way, your green lawn driveway will be more stable.

You can also combine green lawns with concrete. Pick concretes that have a hole in the middle where the grass can grow and beautify your driveway.

7. Recycled Glass Driveway

Types of Driveway Surfaces

Recycled glass is going to create a more remarkable driveway. The look of your driveway from recycled glass will be amazing. You won’t be using ordinary glass so that your driveway is not going to cut up the tires of any vehicle you drive.

Choosing the right types of driveway surfaces is a crucial thing to do. You need to consider the position of your house and what kind of driveway shape you desire.

And then choose the right material for your driveway that will enhance the value and beauty of your house’s exterior.

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