7 Types of Electric Heated Floors with Easy Installation

Different flooring materials can cover your interior heated floor. However, some materials can work better compared to others. Before remodeling your interior and starting to use heated floors, note that the most common types of electric heated floors are stone and ceramic tiles.

1. Loose Cable Heating System

Loose Cable Heating System

This type of floor heating system is using a cable that comes on a spool. The loose cable heating system is now the cheapest way you can use to heat your floor.

Even though it is a cheap option, it is as effective as other systems. But you need to place it in the serpentine pattern and fasten the cable with hot glue.

If you choose this heating system, make sure that you work very carefully with the trowel. Don’t nick the cable if you don’t want to break the system.

2. Thin Set Heating System

Thin Set Heating System

To create heated floors, one method to use is installing the cable on the tile backer board. And then you can cover the cable with a thin set which is a mortar adhesive you can use for ceramic tile. As it cures, the thin set is going to shrink so you need to add another layer.

3. Self-Leveling Heating System

Self-Leveling Heating System

If you want your heated floor to have a smoother surface, then install the heating cable with no backer board. And then use the self-leveling compound above the cable.

These types of electric heated floors use a cement-based powder that allows you to mix it with water before pouring it over your cable.

4. Mesh Mats Heating System

Mesh Mats Heating System

The heating cable comes into a plastic net. And the prepositioned cable will let you install the heating system really quickly.

The time you need to use in installing the mesh mats is half the time installing the loose cable. Use hot glue or staple the mesh mats to your interior floor to install the heating system.

Mesh mats come in various dimensions. Simply cut the mesh mat into some sections and you will cover the floor. Or you may want to fit the mesh mats around the corners.

5. Solid Mats Heating System

types of electric heated floors

If you are okay with the most expensive electric floor heating system, then a solid mat will be a nice option.

Installing a solid mat heating system is very easy. You can simply enclose the cable in synthetic fabric, metal foil, or plastic sheeting. No need to embed it.

6. Under-Mat Heating System

Under-Mat Heating System

This is the under-tile version of the floor heating system. This version allows you to smooth the heating mat onto the thin-set bed.

And then simply spread more thin-set and use a grout float over your mat. Once it hardens, combe another thin set over your mat and then set the stone or ceramic tile normally.

7. Under Floating Mat Heating System

Under Floating Mat Heating System

This type is even easier for you to install. Simply roll the heating mats and then tape them all together, that’s it. Next, you can lay laminate floor or floating wood directly over your heated flooring.

Different systems allow you to get heated floors inside the house. Use the best one among the different types of electric heated floors above.

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