How to Properly Maintain Your Solar Panel Installation: Top Tips

Whenever we invest in our properties, especially if we have a commercial one – we want to make sure that it is feasible and viable and, more importantly, that it will give us a significant return.

Take the case of solar panels, for instance – there is no doubt that they have become more popular, so more property owners are beginning to invest in this renewable energy source – and we are happy to report that they have not regretted it since!

Everyone knows, after all, that solar panels are an incredible way to save money on energy bills and even decrease your environmental impact. But there are other factors to consider if you are thinking of installing a system on your property.

For instance, your system will require regular maintenance to make sure that it is working at its best. That said, here’s how to properly maintain your panel installation: top tips.

1. Go for regular cleaning every once in a while

How to Maintain Solar Panel Installation

Regular cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks for your solar panels. Keep in mind that if your solar panels are dirty and full of debris and dust, this can reduce their energy output by up to 25 percent!

Make it a point to clean your panels a minimum of once a year – but more frequently if you reside in an area with a lot of pollution, pollen, or dust (such as a busy city or town).

And it’s relatively easy to clean your solar panels, too – all you need is a soft-bristled brush, a hose, and bucket of soapy water.

Use the brush to scrub the panels with the mixture of soap and water and rinse this off using the hose. Stay away from high-pressure sprays and other abrasive materials, as these can damage the solar panels.

2. Check the panels for any signs of damage

Solar panels – especially commercial solar panels – are designed to be durable – but they can still be damaged by external factors such as severe weather.

So inspect your panels regularly for any wear and tear and damage, such as chips or cracks in the glass. Examine them also for loose connections.

If you see signs of damage to your solar panels, contact a specialist immediately and have the problem repaired as soon as possible. Don’t use the damaged solar panels, as continuing to use them can lead to further issues and reduce their lifespan.

3. Closely monitor your energy production

monitor your energy production

Monitoring your solar panel energy production is also an integral part of maintenance because by monitoring your energy production, you can identify any prospective problems or issues that may impact the panels’ performance.

You should also know that most solar panel systems have monitoring software that allows you to keep track of your energy production – even in real time. Be sure to check the software regularly to ensure the panels generate the precise amount of energy needed.

If there is a significant dip in their energy production, get in touch with a professional so they can investigate the issue.

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4. Maintain the surroundings

One other thing you should do – in addition to maintaining your solar panels – is maintain the area surrounding your solar panels.

For instance, you need to ensure that no bushes, trees, or other debris and plants can shade your panels within the better parts of the day.

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