7 Types of Fire Extinguishers with Different Label Colors

Each of the various types of fire extinguishers is perfect for different fire classes. Before purchasing one, make sure that you learn about every available type. Materials that are used in those different fire extinguisher types are different and also have different qualities.

1. Water Fire Extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguisher

The first one comes with a red label as well as a class A rating. A water fire extinguisher is perfect for fighting fires that involve solid combustibles like textiles, paper, and wood.

Some models are safe to fight fires on electrical equipment if they have been di-electrically tested.

2. Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Unlike the first one, this foam fire extinguisher comes with a cream-colored label. Also, this extinguisher is very effective in some classes, including class B and class A fires. This is because the foaming agent can help prevent re-ignition.

If foam fire extinguishers have been dielectrically tested, you can use foam fire extinguishers on electrical appliances.

3. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

A CO2 fire extinguisher comes with a black label. This one was originally designed to fight the fire on flammable liquid fires.

That’s why this fire extinguisher has a class B rating. You can use CO2 fire extinguishers on electrical fires since they are not a conductor. Also, they don’t leave harmful residue.

4. ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

Types of Fire Extinguishers

The powder fire extinguisher comes with a blue-colored label. This one is versatile and you can use it on class A, B, and C fires and also to fight electrical fires.

Powder fire extinguishers come in different size options, from 1kg to 9kg. they are perfect for environments that contain mixed fire risks.

However, these types of fire extinguishers are not suggested for use in small offices, homes, and rooms. These extinguishers are limited to outdoor machinery and engine rooms.

5. Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

The white label on this fire extinguisher makes it different from the first type above. De-ionized water mist is very effective to fight class C, B, and A fires. You can also use this fire extinguisher to fight fires on burning electrical equipment.

Water mist fire extinguishers also have a certification for class F fires. But you shouldn’t use a water mist fire extinguisher on any fire that has above 5F rating.

6. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

The yellow label shows that a wet chemical fire extinguisher can be used to fight fires that involve combustible cooking media like burning fat and oil. This fire extinguisher type has a class F rating as well as a different lance applicator nozzle.

You can also use wet chemical fire extinguishers to fight class A fires but never use wet chemical fire extinguishers for class B fires like paraffin, paint, diesel, and petrol fires.

7. P50 Fire Extinguisher

P50 Fire Extinguisher

The P50 fire extinguishers are also known as service-free fire extinguishers. The lifespan of this fire extinguisher is double the lifespan of any traditional type mentioned above.

This one is designed to prevent chemical aging, pressure loss, denting, and corrosion of the fire extinguishing agent.

Before purchasing any fire extinguisher, you need to know the different classes and then get one among the different types of fire extinguishers that suit your needs.

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