7 Best Recommendation Types of Garage Door Springs

GripElements.com – Like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to the springs in your garage door. However, this monitoring is essential. What’s more, there are so many types of garage door springs. You should know it well.

It is because it is the most important part of your garage door and garage door opener which allows you to raise and lower the door very easily.

Therefore, garage door springs must be treated very well. Garage door repair services are usually required when a problem occurs with the spring.

1. Extension Springs

best type of garage door springs

What type of garage door spring is best? Maybe you can choose extension springs. Extension springs are so named because they can store energy by extending or stretching the door. Generally, there are two extension springs in each door.

2. Open Looped

what are garage door springs

This is a garage door spring that can also be the best recommendation. You don’t need to disassemble the pulley or unscrew the bolt.

However, because all of the springs in the cable are exposed at the end, you will need to replace the entire spring, even if this is the only part of the spring that is damaged.

3. Double Looped

garage door springs types

There are various types of garage door springs. One of them is double-looped. This type of garage door spring is stronger than open looped. That’s why many people prefer to use this type of garage door.

4. Torsion Springs

different types of garage door springs

Torsion springs are very different from extension springs. This garage door spring uses torque to support the garage door.

You will find this spring above the garage opening. The way it works is to slowly rotate and turn on the shaft when a force is applied.

5. Standard Torsion Spring

different types of garage springs

Types of garage door springs vary widely. For example, this standard torsion spring. This tool is usually found on residential garage doors installed above the garage opening. The metal shaft runs through the center, supporting the spring. Maybe you will like this tool.

6. Early Set Torsion Spring

different types of garage door torsion springs

This type of garage door spring is similar to the standard torsion spring. However, it is mounted in the center of the torsion shaft. This tool uses a different type of hardware, mounted at each end of the torsion shaft, next to the cable drum.

Tools similar to the standard torsion spring are also quite popular. Many people have used it. Maybe you are also interested in using it.


7. Torque Master Torsion Spring

how many types of garage door springs are there

The next recommendation is the torque master torsion spring. This is probably the safest of all garage torsion springs. This spring is closed on the torsion shaft. In addition, the tool is also held in place by a winding cone at the end of each torsion bar.

These springs, however, were closed using an electric drill. This tool has also been used by many people.

There are so many recommended types of garage door springs. Before making a choice, you should pay close attention to the description above. Choose which one you think is most appropriate. Don’t make the wrong choice.

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