Types of Garage Floor Drains to Choose From

GripElements.com – There are various types of garage floor drains everyone should know about. Garage floor drains are an excellent way to help control water that is spilling onto your floor. You can also use garage floor drains to wash things in your garage. Check out some available types below.

Trench Floor Drains

Types of Garage Floor Drains

This is a thin, rectangular, and long drain. You can install this drain along the garage’s edge or by the doors of your garage. If you position the drain properly, it will collect water that is spilling onto your garage floor. It will also stop the water from outside of the garage to get into your garage.

Unlike many traditional floor drains, trench drains are the best since they will protect your garage from water outside and inside the garage.

Types of Garage Floor Drains: Bell Trap Drains

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This draining system is much simpler than other types of drains like trench drains. The shape of this bell trap drain can be round or square.

You can put this drain in a single location. Many people use this bell trap drain because it is cheap, easy to install, and will work very well.

The Cost of Bell Trap Drains

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A ten-inch bell trap drain is a cheap option to consider. It will cost about $15. If you want a bell trap drain that is more expensive, some options are available at $250.

The price is just for the grate and drain. If you want custom grates, you need to pay more than the basic price.

Trench Drain Cost

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Many large garages usually have a 12-inch trench drain on the floor. But many homes usually have a 4-inch trench drain.

If you have a 10-foot section, you may have to prepare about $150. You also need to prepare a PVC pipe. 3-inch to 4-inch PVC pipe will be enough for a standard home garage.

How Deep Your Drain Should Be

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After learning about various types of garage floor drains, get to know the proper depth for your floor drain. Most floor drains for a home garage are between 8 inches and 14 inches deep. You will need a space to place the drain box.

You should attach the drain pipe to the drain box. Usually, the drain pipe is a PVC pipe with a diameter between 3 inches and 4 inches.

Where Does the Floor Drain Go?

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A floor drain in your garage leads to the outside. Even though you install different types of floor drain in your garages, you should install an outlet that leads the water to the discharge point. The discharge point should be away from your garage and house.

Does Your Garage Need a Floor Drain?

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Whether you are using the garage to store your car or for another purpose, a floor drain will be a crucial element. The water may get into your garage since the door in your garage is large and it lets the water get in. Rain is going to get inside when you open the door. That’s why you need to install a drain.

Learn all the different types of garage floor drains and you will know which one is the right one for your garage.

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