8 Impressive Types of Hardwood Floors

GripElements.com – There are several wood species you can choose from to decorate the floor of your house. More than five types of hardwood floors are available so each homeowner can find the best one for their house.

Each hardwood floor type is going to affect the functionality and appearance of your interior.

1. American Walnut

different types of hardwood floors

This flooring becomes a popular option because of its softness and distinctive look. The swirled grain look makes your interior flooring looks striking.

Unfortunately, this amazing flooring is susceptible to scuffing and denting. You shouldn’t use this flooring in high-traffic rooms.

2. Types of Hardwood Floors: Bamboo

types of hardwood floors and prices

The maker of this flooring is collecting bamboo strands and then compresses them. This means bamboo flooring isn’t natural wood.

However, bamboo flooring has the look of wood and it is way harder than natural wood but available at a lower price. It is also eco-friendly since bamboo grows quickly.

3. Cherry Wood

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This one is also a famous material but it comes at a higher price. Cherry wood flooring comes with a light reddish-brown color that has swirling grains.

Unfortunately, cherry wood flooring is highly photosensitive. It will darken in the first months after the installation process.

4. Types of Hardwood Floors: Maple Wood

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The next popular option for hardwood flooring is maple wood which grows in Canada and the Northern US.

This flooring is harder than oakwood and usually is the main material for bowling alley lanes. The light brown color makes maple wood flooring perfect for smaller rooms.

5. Oakwood

popular types of hardwood floors

The prices of oakwood and its durability are some reasons why many people in the US want to use oakwood as their flooring.

Two variations are available. The first one is the red oak which has a darker red look. And another one is the white oak that has a golden-brown color.

6. Types of Hardwood Floors: Parquet

types of hardwood floors pros and cons

Parquet flooring is not a wood type but is a style to lay wood planks. This wood flooring is involving some actions like arranging small wood panels into an angular and geometric mosaic.

Many patterns are available, including herringbone parquet, chevron parquet, and square parquet.

7. Pinewood

best types of hardwood floors

Pinewood is abundant in Canada and the US, that’s why the price of this flooring is cheaper.

However, pinewood is not always excellent for refinishing because it scratches and dents much more easily than other types of hardwood floors. But it has charming grain as well as nice hues to decorate rooms.


8. Bubinga Wood

different types of hardwood floors in house

Bubinga wood is African hardwood that offers a fine grain. You can also saw Bubinga wood easily when you need to adjust the wood size with your interior.

Bubinga wood has an elegant burgundy color that is perfect for your elegant interior style. Unfortunately, Bubinga wood splits easily.

The eight different types of hardwood floors above are going to bring different looks and styles to your rooms. You better pick the right hardwood flooring that matches the interior and your family’s needs.

For example, if you have kids and pets, pick the most durable hardwood flooring that lasts forever.

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