7 Beautiful Types of Home Saunas for Different Needs

Today, sauna comes in various types and allows you to choose the coziest one for your home. Different types of home saunas range from the traditional ones to the most modern ones you can find in spas and gyms. If you want one for your own home, choose one between these types.

1. Electric Sauna

Electric Sauna Ideas


This one is the most common type today and is usually using an electric stove that is going to heat up rocks or stones.

You may activate the stove of the electric sauna by pressing the button. You don’t have to burn wood anymore. Splash water on the rocks and create steam to get more heat.

2. Wood Burning Sauna

Wood Burning Sauna

In the past, the best type of traditional sauna was the wood-burning sauna. It works like the first type above but comes with a more traditional setup.

The metal stove has sauna stones on top. But it will burn wood that is going to turn up the heat and make the stones hot.

3. Smoke Sauna

Smoke Sauna Ideas

This is the most traditional and oldest sauna in Finland. Today, you may not see this sauna type as often as the other types of home saunas.

This sauna mainly exists in some countries in Northern Europa, such as Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland. This looks like the second type above but it looks different because it doesn’t have a chimney pipe.

4. Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Ideas

Compared to the previous ones, this sauna is the newest one. This sauna is going to use infrared waves in heating up your body.

The waves will emit infrared energy that targets your body instead of warming up the room. The temperature range is between 80 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna Ideas
Portable Home Sauna

Another name for a steam sauna is a steam room. This sauna will heat you up by creating steam. You can find a steam sauna in gyms but you can also build your own at home.

Usually, this sauna is using a steam generator to boil water and turn water into steam. The humidity level inside a steam room will be higher than the humidity in a traditional sauna room.

6. Steam Shower Sauna

Types of Home Saunas

Among different types of saunas, there is a combination of a sauna and a shower room. This can be the most practical option if you are looking for a compact design.

With this one, you can get a sauna inside the shower area. if you don’t want a bulky sauna room, this one is the best option.

7. Portable Home Sauna

Portable Home Sauna

Finally, there is a portable sauna you can use anywhere at home. This option is way cheaper compared to a steam shower sauna.

To use this sauna, you need to sit inside the unit, turn the steamer on, and then enjoy the heat. The chair is usually included so you don’t have to buy another chair.

The look of a portable home sauna may be weird, but you don’t have to install a pricey sauna and save a lot of money.

The seven types of home saunas allow you to pick the right one that matches your financial and your home condition.

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