The 8 Most Popular Types of Houses in Australia

Various types of houses in Australia are unique because some of them bring history to them and the rest of the houses are modern. Developers compete to build various houses in this country to make sure it is cozy to live in. Here are some styles that you can see in Australia.

1. Duplex House

what are houses made of in australia

A duplex house is common in Australia where two units of a house are separated by a central wall. Both units have the same size and design.

When the owner wants to sell it, they can sell both or only one unit. The duplex types of houses in Australia fit the urban and suburban areas.

2. Victorian House

what types of houses are in australia

The victorian style still exists now even though this is the style that was popular in the 1800s when the Queen led the country.

This type can be found in particular areas such as Sydney and Melbourne. The house has many parts from iron. It has a lot of small windows, a fireplace, and plastered ceilings.

3. American Style

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Australia also has an American style for some houses and they call it a stand-alone house. The house stands alone as the name is because it doesn’t have a neighbor next to them.

Usually, they are surrounded by a fence. There are many designs, but the favorite one is made from wood with many windows.

4. Hamptons Style

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The Hamptons style is popular in some suburban areas in Australia. It takes up a lot of space on the land because they will have a large garage.

The main entrance of the house is at the center of the house and the other side is for the living room. The rooms are on the second floor. Usually, it has a large garden.

5. Modern FarmHouse

what types of houses are there in australia

the modern farmhouse is one of the popular types of houses in Australia. The house has a high ceiling and it is cozy during summer.

The main material of a farmhouse in this country is wood and big glass for the window. The flooring style is unique because it is a deck made from wood or plywood.

6. Pavilion Style

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The pavilion style has a lot of windows from the ceiling to the floor. The ventilation above the window is also made from glass.

The inside of the house is usually minimalist and the architecture from the outside of the house doesn’t have many lines. It is simple and elegant at the same time.

7. Townhouse

most common types of houses in australia

The townhouse is the style that is popular in the suburbs and also the city. This style is less expensive and becomes a high demand in the area.

This house usually lands on a narrow land, but it has two or three stories. It is not superior but it at least fulfilling the basic housing requirements.

8. Terrace house

types of houses in australia

The terrace house is European style. It is popular in Australia and the design is quite expensive because it has a garden at the front and the back of the house. Usually, it is a 2-story building. Many developers build housing with this style.

The types of houses in Australia vary because the country has many people from different walks of life. The houses adopt American, European, and modern styles. The patterns of houses above spread in all areas, both cities and suburbs in Australia.

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