7 Types of Lampshade Shapes that are Popular Then and Now

Types of Lampshade – Are you currently trying to create a fresh look in your interior? If you are, you must not forget to replace the old lampshades with the new ones.

You can find various types of lampshades in stores. They are available in a number of shapes, colors, and materials.

Therefore, you will be able to find the right lampshade shapes easily. However, you must not only look for the right shape when purchasing lampshades, but you also need to consider the fittings since not all fittings may be suitable for your lamp. 

1. Empire Lampshade

types of lampshade

One of the most popular types of lampshade shapes is the empire lampshades. They have a wide circular opening at the bottom and a smaller circular opening at the top. Therefore, most of their light spread downward.

The empire lampshades are most suitable for accent lighting and a great match for candlestick and round bases. Moreover, it goes well with both classic and modern interiors.

It is available in various materials. For a more modern interior, you had better opt for a neutral-colored empire lamp shade.

2. Bell Lampshade

types of lampshade shapes

If the empire lampshades look simple, it is not so with the bell lampshades. They are more curved and have a more traditional look. Consequently, they look great on their traditional style interior. 

The bell lampshades have a flared opening at the bottom, similar to a bell shape. Most of the light is emitted from the bottom opening.

Meanwhile, the smaller opening at the top emits ambient lighting. Bell lampshades are perfect for round and candlestick bases.

3. Drum Lampshade

types of lampshade

For you who are looking for lampshades to match the contemporary style interiors, you can choose to have drum lampshades.

They are sleek and minimalist. The bottom opening of these lamp shapes is as wide as the top opening. Therefore, they allow the light to emit equally from the top and bottom.

4. Rectangular Lampshade


A rectangular lampshade shape is best for angular bases. Similar to the drum lampshade, the rectangular one has wide openings both at the bottom and at the top. Therefore, they allow more lights to emit from both openings.

These lampshades are suitable for modern and contemporary styled interiors. In addition, you can also choose other rectangular lampshades, such as a square lampshade, to furnish your interior.

5. Dome Lampshade


If the four previous types of lampshade are mostly applied in table lamps, it is not so with dome lampshades. This type of lampshade is generally applied for overhead lights and floor lamps. 

Moreover, dome lampshades have large openings at the bottom. Consequently, it is excellent for general lighting. These lampshades look great in various interior designs and styles, from traditional style to contemporary style.

6. Cylinder Lampshade


At a glance, cylinder lampshades look similar to drum lampshades. However, the former is actually taller than the latter. Since they have a circular shape, they are more suitable for round bases.

7. Hexagonal Lamp Shade


Hexagonal lampshades are as attractive as the other lampshade types. You can even make them on your own if you have the frames and the fabric.

The types of lampshade you choose can bring lots of differences in the room you are decorating. However, when replacing the old lampshade, it is essential for you to consider the base shapes. Therefore, you will be able to create a more beautiful look in your room.

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