8 Types of Roofs for Modern Architectures

GripElements.com – If you are planning to add a roof to your house or get a new roof, then you must learn about the types of roofs again. You need to know the most popular options available and then choose the right one for your house.

Below are the most common options every homeowner needs to consider.

1. Gable Roof

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This basic option has two sloped sides that are forming a triangular shape. A Gable roof is the simplest option and also the most famous one.

Gable roofs’ pitch promotes snow and water runoff. The roof’s simple design is cost-efficient and also fast to build. It also matches all architectural styles and types.

2. Types of Roofs: Gambrel

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Gambrel roofs have a similar style to gable roofs. But these roofs existed since the Dutch-colonial times. But now, many people are still using this roof on their barns and homes.

Gambrel roofs have a more decorative and simpler design than the previous one. It is also cost-efficient and easy to build.

3. Hip Roof

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These types of roofs have four sloping sides, and they all meet at the ridge or peak. The standard hip roof comes in a square shape.

However, many variations are now available, including pyramid hip roofs and hip and valley roofs. These roofs will withstand high winds, perfect for hurricane-prone areas.

4. Skillion Roof

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The skillion roof is featuring a sloped and flat surface. People are usually choosing skillion roofs to complete their ultra-modern houses.

These roofs are inexpensive and simple to build. They will make your house look more modern. The steep slope of the roofs is best for snowy and rainy climates.

5. Types of Roofs: A-Frame

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A-Frame roofs come with two steep sloped sides. Both of them are touching the ground and meet at the house’s top.

The shape of this frame roof is like the letter A. This roofing is an excellent option for ultra-modern houses. The roof works perfectly in all climates.

6. Bonnet Roof

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This is a hip roof variation that has four sides. Bonnet roofs have a slight slope at the roof’s bottom that is providing shade just like bonnets.

These roofs are super famous over pool houses, tropical climates, and gazebos. They supply protection and shade all around the house.


7. Butterfly Roof

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These types of roofs are the gable roofs reverse. Butterly roofs have two sides that are sloping downward before meeting in the middle valley.

This roof is providing a mid-century modern look to your architecture. It is ideal to collect rainwater and promote water drainage.

8. Shed Roof

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Unlike all roofs above, the shed roof is featuring only one sloping side that may look similar to the skillion roof. Shed roofs look awesome in some different architectures.

This type of roof is more affordable to build and will look perfect on modern buildings. The steepness promotes better drainage.

Many types of roofs are available but the eight types above are the most common ones. Each roof comes with special characteristics.

You need to learn each different roof type to understand the characteristics and find the best one for your own home.

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