8 Brilliant Ways to Customize Kitchen Cabinets

Ways to Customize Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen cabinets do not only serve to hold your kitchen essentials. It also has the vital function of keeping your whole kitchen design intact.

With that, it is important to keep your kitchen cabinetry functional and aesthetically pleasing. So if you are looking for ideas on how to customize your kitchen cabinets, here are some of the ways you can follow.

Add under cabinet lighting

under cabinet lighting
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Sometimes, the most amazing thing you can do for your kitchen is not adding some expensive appliance. Sometimes, all it takes is a good and simple lighting.

With that, one of the best ways you can customize your kitchen cabinet is adding under cabinet task lighting. These are fairly easy to retrofit beneath upper wall cabinets.

This does not only add a lighting for the countertop for doing kitchen tasks, but it can also set the mood and emotions of your whole kitchen.

This under cabinet lighting can serve as a night light for midnight snackers or dramatic accent lighting. So from dicing veggies to reading recipes to setting a vibe, under cabinet lighting is all you need.

Choose a beautiful color

most modern kitchen cabinets
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Today, kitchen cabinets are mostly colored in neutral shades, so having some color is a daring design choice.

However, having the perfect beautiful color for your custom kitchen cabinets can definitely increase the style quotient of your kitchen instantly and easily.

By incorporating cabinets in bright and bold colors, your kitchen cabinets will have the character that can elevate your kitchen space.

There are a wide range of colors and combinations that you can choose from. Hence, it is imperative that you pick the right color that can be smoothly paired with all your current existing design elements.

We highly suggest that you choose from reds, blacks, whites, greens, blues, yellows and greys – these are the colors of most modern kitchen cabinets that are really appealing to the eyes.

Slide-out kitchen cabinet shelves

Best kitchen cabinet shelves
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A slide-out kitchen cabinet shelf is one of the customization that you think you do not need but you actually do, especially if your items tend to get lost at the back of your cabinets.

With sliding shelves, there is accessibility for all your kitchen essentials stored inside your kitchen cabinet. Take note to put a shallow lip around each shelf so that your supplies stay in place.

Add a crown molding

crown molding for kitchen cabinets
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If you want your kitchen cabinets to look elegant and luxurious, then add a crown molding. Through mounting crown molding on a hardwood frame that sits above cabinets, it adds extra character to your cabinets.

It can bridge the gap between your wall cabinets and the ceiling, allowing for a seamless transition. With that, this element turns your kitchen cabinet into a smooth flowing design.

We highly suggest that you add crown molding as your final touch of detail when customizing your kitchen cabinets.

Go with glass doors

Ways to Customize Kitchen Cabinets
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To give a more open, lighter, and cleaner look for your kitchen cabinets, we suggest you go for glass-doored kitchen cabinets.

Unlike a closed, solid wood kitchen cabinet, a cabinet with a glass door serves to give you a blurred glimpse of the contents inside and tends to visually open up your kitchen space.

The glass cabinets in your kitchen can break the symmetry produced by the closed, solid wood upper and lower cabinets.

In addition to that, a glass door in your kitchen cabinet can be a beautiful complement to an aesthetically pleasing backsplash.

So whether you choose a transparent, frosted or seeded, a glass-doored kitchen cabinet can display your fine dishware and dazzling decor, especially when you accent it with some lights.

Opt for a handleless design

Customize Kitchen Cabinets
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Handleless kitchen cabinets is the trend today. It is utilized for most modern kitchen cabinets.

Handleless cabinets give a sleeker and cleaner look because they lack handles or knobs or any other kind of ornamentation for that matter.

This handleless design is made possible through sleek finger pulls, hidden channels or a push-open mechanism. Hence, the functionality of these modern kitchen cabinets are still on point.

Use a metal mesh screen for cabinet doors

glass-doored kitchen cabinets
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Similar to glass-doored kitchen cabinets, metal mesh screens for cabinet doors also permit you to display your kitchen wares and decorative materials, without having the fear of risking your cabinet doors to break like those of the glass type.

This metal mesh screen is a unique decorative element that can break the monotony of plain or uniform cabinets.

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Go with Shaker style kitchen cabinet design

Shaker style kitchen cabinets
Image lifted from: pexels.com

Shaker style kitchen cabinets are one of the most established cabinet designs. These shaker style cabinets have flat or recessed panels on the outer surface and simple handles.

So if you want a crisp clutter-free, clean, and neat looking kitchen, the shaker style kitchen cabinet design is what you need.

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