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    7 Clever Onion Storage Ideas for Kitchen and Pantry

    Having problems with rotting onions? Not many people know that storage is an important key to keep onions fresh even after a long period of time. It’s good news that a large selection of onion storage ideas are available to adopt. Of course, you can easily pick an idea that suits your kitchen concept.

    Onions need a dry and well-ventilated area to stay fresh. If possible, keep this spice away from direct sunlight as it can decrease the quality as well as freshness.

    Without further ado, here’s a complete list of clever storage ideas to keep your supply. Luckily, they are ideal for any kitchen and pantry concept!

    Base Cabinet Drawers

    Base Cabinet Drawers

    If you don’t have much space left in the kitchen, make the best out of it.

    Transform base kitchen cabinet into handy storage not only for onions but also potatoes, herbs, and spices. As it keeps your onions and supplies out of sight, this storage gives you an organized kitchen.

    Freestanding Storage

    Clever Onion Storage Ideas

    Give your onions their own space with this easy-to-make freestanding storage. Wooden shelving combined with wicker baskets offer a perfect organizer for onions, potatoes, and other kitchen supplies.

    The best of all, this storage idea offers visual interest for any given space, be it a kitchen or pantry.

    DIY Hanging Sack

    onion storage ideas

    Handmade sack is one of onion storage ideas to keep onions fresh, especially if you want a unique wall décor for the cooking space.

    These cotton-linen sacks are easy to make and it hangs nicely on the wall. If you have a small space issue, this storage resolves your problem.

    Painted Wire Rack

    Painted Wire Rack Ideas

    Wire rack is an easy, popular storage idea for onions and most kitchen supplies. It comes in handy to keep onions fresh and organized.

    Whether you want to make it a unique countertop display or keep it out of sight, finding a spot for this organizer is not that difficult.

    Wall Mount Onion Basket

    Wall Mount Onion Basket Design

    If you are eager to create a wall décor that is one of a kind, this wall mount basket is possibly the best storage idea.

    The upcycled half-round wire basket gives a vintage touch to your kitchen. It’s completely easy to install and makes perfect storage for onions and potatoes.

    Multipurpose Plastic Box

    Multipurpose Plastic Box Ideas

    Don’t have much time for a creative project? Get a store-bought plastic box and it works efficiently to keep your onions fresh.

    The multipurpose box is well-ventilated to prevent onions from rotting. This is a great way to keep your kitchen organized, at the same time make kitchen supplies fresh.

    Multipurpose Wicker Basket

    multipurpose wicker basket

    Wicker is not only durable but also visually attractive. Having a multipurpose wicker basket brings a lot of convenience for storing onions, garlics, potatoes, and more.

    It is your option to keep the supplies inside or outside the basket. The best of all, this store-bought basket comes in various sizes.

    With a large variety of onion storage ideas, you will always find the best organizer that matches your kitchen. Whether you opt to make a DIY project or choose store-bought basket, onion storage inspirations above are worth the thought.

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