3 Ways to Implement a Barbiecore Theme in Your Soon-To-Be Home

Barbie has always been considered a ‘little girl’s toy’ without any deeper meaning to its existence. But on July 21, 2023, everything changed as the Barbie movie took over the world.

The objective of this film was to transcend expectations and shed light on existential crises. It portrayed the pressure of being perfect and the effects of consumerism. Many believe that it was a swan song about their girlhood.

All of these have propelled the Barbiecore phenomenon to a new level. According to Forbes, it encompasses an iconic, larger-than-life spirit through inspiration from the doll’s style, idyllic ways, and appeal.

Today, the Barbiecore theme is selling NFTs and being featured in Forever 21 stores. But most importantly, it has become an evergreen interior design trend.

Are you in the market to buy a house and transform it into a Barbie-themed paradise? Then, be sure to buy a property with good natural lighting and a vintage essence. Only then can you incorporate the key elements of the theme. Examples include glamorous touches, shades of pink, vintage vibes, playful accents, and more.

In this blog, we will discuss three ways to incorporate Barbie aesthetics into your soon-to-be home.

#1. Choose the Correct Style

Ways to Implement a Barbiecore Theme in Your Soon-To-Be Home

The first thing you need to consider is the type of house you’re buying. For instance, your Barbiecore theme will work wonders if your property has big windows and a fireplace. Moreover, try to find an unfurnished apartment or house so that you can buy the correct items for your theme.

If you’re still in the market for a house, ensure to check all your options. According to Durango North Star, everyone in the market for a property should receive hands-on service with good faith, precision, and attention to detail. You will need these specialized benefits, especially if you’ve decided on the Barbiecore interior design theme.

One way to gain these benefits is to hire an industry-leading real estate company. For that, you need to research the companies, look for experience, check credentials, and gain clarity about fees. This way, you can buy a house from reputed realtors.

You can also get help from local real estate companies in your area and inform them about the theme. For example, if you live in Durango, Colorado, you can buy from a leading Durango real estate company. With their help, you can invest in a house in this municipality with good fixtures, contour, and elegance, perfect for the Barbiecore theme.

Buying a house in Durango will make you feel close to nature, as you can go ice fishing and bicycling along endless trails. Either way, the property should feel like home to you, irrespective of its location.

#2. Don’t Be Afraid of Color Variety

Don’t Be Afraid of Color Variety

The theme isn’t only about hot pink shades or vibrant fuchsias. Instead, you can create a playful essence with the 129 pink shades available. Go ahead and use a contrast of brighter or pastel pinks as the base of your design.

You can color your bedroom walls with a muted blush pink shade and use soft-colored furniture. The fixtures and hardware can have a bright pink element. Moreover, your bed frame can have a baby pink color with different shades for the bedsheets, pillows, and more.

Apart from pink, you can also use pastel blue, white, or green to accentuate the theme. For instance, you can incorporate pink tiles in the bathroom and light green toiletries, shower curtains, floor mats, and more. The upholstery and fabrics can have all shades of pastel pink, white, blue, and green. Your cupboards, tables, and chairs can be made from white marble and painted wood in your living room and kitchen.

However, remember to invest in high-quality and shiny fixtures, appliances, and finishes. All in all, everything will come together to give you a flawless Barbie-esque vibe if you choose the correct color palette.

#3. Get Help From Professionals

designer who has worked on the Barbiecore theme

According to Allison Jaffe Interior Design, your home’s design should be curated with love and passion, and it should have a timeless look. That’s why you should hire a designer who has worked on the Barbiecore theme before.

When looking for such professionals, remember to consider their overall industry knowledge, references, and ability to understand your aesthetics. With their help, your Barbie-themed luxury interior design will stand out.

Only professional interior designers will understand the heart of the Barbiecore theme. Hence, they can work with you to embrace boldness, fun, and confidence in your home’s design. For instance, they’ll help you pair fun textures with pink, blue, white, and green colors.

An interior designer will have the idea to bring vintage accessories like candlestick holders, mirror frames, etc. They’ll incorporate feminine luxury and plushness.

Even then, it’s crucial to put an authentic spin on the trend. That means you must infuse your personal style and embrace individual expression when designing the Barbiecore theme.

The Bottom Line

Statistics suggest that the Barbie movie has influenced multiple playful interior design trends. For instance, there was a 1,135% increase in searches about ‘Barbiecore aesthetic room’ on Pinterest. It proves that Barbie’s undeniable classic essence and timeless appeal make it the perfect theme for your newly bought house.

However, your interior design will portray a Barbiecore theme only if you use a balanced foundation of soft pastels and bold neons. For that, you must hire an interior designer to create an eye-catching, bubbly, feminine, and positive living space.

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