4 Ways to Upgrade Your Back Porch and Increase the Value of Your Home

Now that hot days are becoming hotter, you may want to upgrade your outdoor area. Choosing the right back porch ideas ensures you experience memorable backyard events.

Your back porch offers more privacy than your front porch. How? You could have many choices when it comes to designing your porches. If you plan to make your back porch an extension of your living space, read on and find some great ideas to consider.

Upgrade Ideas for Your Back Porch: Four Must Try


Consider incorporating the following concepts when upgrading your back porch.

Install awnings on your back porch.

Back porch awnings add curb appeal and protection to your private space. They come in retractable or fixed varieties. Retractable awnings provide shade with the touch of a button. They are versatile and offer options in fabrics, sizes, and accessories.

Fixed awnings are ideal if you have limited space. They are rigid, stationary awnings that you can customize to fit your back porch. While many refer to them as “permanent” awnings, you can disassemble and remove them.

You can also choose motorized retractable awnings for your back porch. They come with a range of features:

  • Adjustable pitch
  • Flexible slope
  • Double cable arms
  • An integrated cover housing system

Install awnings for extra shade for more fun on your back porch. You can enjoy barbecues with family and friends without worrying about the weather. Furthermore, these awnings help lower the cost of cooling your house during warmer months.

Add outdoor privacy screens.

Privacy screens give you personal space and prevent unwanted attention. Even so, their design allows you outward visibility. It lets you relax without inhibitions in your backyard.

Privacy screens also function as solar screens that keep the sun out. Furthermore, they protect your furniture and furnishings from fading. The reason is that these screens are made of woven mesh that provides natural cooling.

They are also made out of PVC-coated fiberglass fabric. It makes them energy-efficient accessories that counter hot and cold weather. These add-ons ultimately result in lower heating and cooling bills.

Design your back porch to look like an extension of your indoor area.

In designing your back porch, pick decor that compliments your indoor living space. Find matching outdoor furnishings and weather-proof rugs, and decorative accent pieces.

Keep your indoor and outdoor designs consistent so that it comes out as an extension of your indoors. You can find these furnishings at stores that offer reasonable prices.

Thus, you do not have to splurge for your new home extension.

You can also use the same floorings for your back porch as that in your indoor area. It will give an appealing look due to the continuous finish it creates. Make sure to use weather-proof tiles that are extra-slip resistant.

Add outdoor furniture and lighting to your back porch.

Spruce up your back porch by adding outdoor furniture pieces. Install a relaxing hammock or a porch swing.

Adding a porch swing enhances the value of your home.

It is because a swing creates a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Other furniture pieces you can consider adding to make your back porch appealing are:

  • Metal-framed furniture with cushions
  • A wooden rocking chair
  • Wicker furniture with colorful pillow
  • Wrought-iron garden furniture
  • Plastic or resin furniture
  • Synthetic rattan garden furniture
  • Garden benches
  • Adirondack chairs

Decorative lighting also enhances your back porch. If you plan to add a retractable awning, get one with LED lighting. It will give you the perfect ambiance no matter the time of day.

Back porch awnings are perfect for outdoor furniture since they increase the lifespan of your furniture. Having these installations on your porch reduces the amount of heat that enters through doors and windows.

This protection prevents your furniture, outdoor furnishings, and accessories from fading.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Your Back Porch

Ways to Upgrade Your Back Porch

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider upgrading your porch.

Your back porch adds financial value to your home.

Experts say that converting a porch is a growing trend that can increase the value of a home. It is why many homeowners have converted their porches into rooms that are usable all four seasons.

Having a well-designed porch makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. Consider this if you have plans to sell your home. You can get a payoff from your investment if you get a contractor who can do an excellent renovation job.

Your back porch provides you with extra space.

If your house is on the small side, utilizing your back porch is all the more practical. Your indoor area may seem inadequate for your family.

Then, making the back porch an extension of your indoors is sensible. By upgrading this area, there is no need to make costly changes to the structure of your home.

You can turn your back porch into a multipurpose area.

Your back porch can also function as a multipurpose space. Depending on your needs, you can convert it into a dining room, a second living room, or an area for get-togethers. This extra space allows you to convert it into any room that fits your circumstance.

Your back porch lets you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather.

Spending time outdoors gives a relaxing feeling. It becomes more so when you equip your back porch with accessories that allow you to enjoy your time outside. For example, retractable awnings allow you to have fun on your back porch, rain or shine.

You make your home more energy efficient.

Installing energy-efficient retractable awnings and privacy screens provides benefits in the long run. Having these in your home reduces your energy use in a significant way. Experts stress the importance of installing them in homes.

An energy study revealed that awnings could lessen annual cooling energy by more than 25%. It translates to as much as $200 or more in energy savings.

The Upshot

Upgrading your back porch is not only a way to give your home a refreshing look, and it is also a good investment. By upgrading your back porch, you hit two birds with one stone. Your home gets a whole new look, and its market value increases.

The key to making sure you get an excellent back porch upgrade is to consult with professionals. Contact a reliable service provider in your area to know what your options are.

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