8 Ways to Elevate Your Bedroom Style

Creating a comfortable, stylish bedroom is often a top priority in home decor. After all, it is where you sleep and recharge, so why not make it as beautiful and relaxing as possible?

With just a few tweaks, you can have a bedroom design that reflects your personality and serves as an inviting retreat from daily life. Whether you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your bedroom or want to spruce up the style, here are eight ways to elevate your bedroom design and comfort.

Add a new mattress


Your bedroom should be your oasis, a refuge from the stresses of day-to-day life. And while a new mattress may not seem like much, it can make a big difference in both the comfort and aesthetic of your bedroom.

A new mattress can provide better support for your back and hips, helping you to sleep more soundly. It can also add a touch of luxury, making your bedroom feel like a true sanctuary. One highly recommended mattress brand is the luxury organic Essentia REM5, which is allergy friendly and supports all sleeping positions.

Style your pillows

Pillows are essential to any bed, and the right combination can elevate your bedroom’s comfort and style. Layering pillows is a great way to add support and luxury to your bed. Start with a firm pillow for your neck, then add a softer pillow for your head.

In addition, throw pillows add comfort and a personal touch to your bed. They come in several colors, textures, and materials, so you can easily find one that fits your aesthetic.


Lighting is one of the few integral things to an appealing bedroom. The right approach to lighting can make all the difference in how your bedroom looks and feels.

Ambient light, for example, is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Task lighting is ideal for reading or working in bed.

After you’ve identified the type of light you need, you can select a lamp or light fixture that suits your tastes. Wall sconces, chandeliers, and floor lamps are all excellent choices for adding personality to your space.

Create a color scheme

The colors you choose set the tone for the whole room. Understanding color psychology will help you select a palette that will promote relaxation and good sleep. Consider the effect you want to create.

Do you want a calming space where you can unwind after a long day or a bright and cheerful room that will energize you in the morning?

Once you’ve decided on the overall mood, you can start selecting specific colors. Generally, it’s best to avoid using more than three colors in your bedroom color scheme.

If you need help combining them, try using a color wheel as a guide. Complementary colors (those opposite each other on the wheel) tend to work well together, while analogous colors (those next to each other on the wheel) create a more calming effect.

Add greenery

Many plants work wonders to purify the air, providing you with cleaner air. They can also reduce noise levels, creating a more peaceful environment. And, of course, plants add visual interest and promote a more serene atmosphere.

Succulents are a great option as they are very low maintenance and easy to care for. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be long-lasting.

Add a rug

Ways to Elevate Your Bedroom Style

There are many ways to create a cozy space, and rugs are just one of them. They can add an extra layer of insulation and reduce noise levels, making it easier to sleep through the night. In addition, rugs protect your floor from wear and tear, prolonging the life of your carpet or hardwood floors.

Not only is a rug functional, but it can also add visual interest to your bedroom, creating a more stylish and inviting space.

Put curtains up

There are many benefits to hanging curtains in your bedroom. For instance, they insulate your room, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

When it comes to design, curtains are a fantastic means of tying a room together and adding a touch of color or pattern. In the process, they’ll make the room feel cozy and inviting.

Select new hardware

New door handles or drawer pulls can give the room a fresh look and be more comfortable to use.

If you’re selecting new hardware for your bedroom doors, you will want to choose something easy to grip and turn. For drawers, consider something sleek and stylish.

Before you go

There are many easy ways to make your bedroom more inviting and relaxing. By considering the tips outlined in this article, you can create a space perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking to change up the color scheme, add plants, or install new light fixtures, you have options to elevate your bedroom and match your aesthetic.

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