6 Ways You Can Pay Respect To Your Deceased Relatives

Grief comes naturally when a loved one passes away. It makes you feel powerless and adds to the pain and agony you are already experiencing due to their loss.

Commemorating a loved one is a great way to cope with the grief and serves as a catharsis for this invaluable loss. Here are 6 ways you can commemorate your deceased relatives and keep their memories alive beyond the funeral.

Keeping Their Belongings

You can maintain a deep connection with the deceased by wearing something they used to wear. It can be jewelry, watches, shoes, or clothing.

Placing some of these belongings on display is another way to relive the memories you shared with them. These belongings can also be turned into crafts. For example, shirts can be repurposed to make stuffed toys or cushions.

Framing The Memories

The feeling of emptiness takes over after someone close passes away. This void can be filled by creating a memorial wall space dedicated to the good times you shared with them. Pictures of important events and festive moments can be framed and put on display to cherish the beautiful memories.

If the deceased was fond of writing, you can even frame one of their treasured notes, poems, or letters, so you can remember your loved one each time you visit the memorial wall.

An easy way to create a perfect memorial wall is by measuring the wall dimensions, deciding on the frame size, and then selecting the memories you want to display.

You can easily find a plethora of inspiring ideas on how to decorate the memorial wall, so you can create a strong connection and share the love and respect you have in your heart.

Building a Mausoleum

Ways You Can Pay Respect To Your Deceased Relatives

If you want your loved one to be remembered by your family for generations to come, consider building a mausoleum. The space you choose as the final resting place should reflect your family’s beliefs and traditions.

The space you will construct for the deceased will also serve as a peaceful area where visitors could reflect on the good times. Individuals looking to build mausoleums need to understand that a lot of effort goes into building one.

From choosing the right materials to designing the indoors in a way that reflects the deceased tastes, everything has to be properly planned and executed if you want the best results.

However, if overseeing the construction is not your cup of tea, consider hiring a professional contractor to provide mausoleum planning and construction services. They will charge you a fee, but will also ensure you end up with a mausoleum that speaks of the family’s legacy.

Planting Trees

If the deceased loved nature, you can plant trees in an abandoned area. Consider naming the tree planting event after the deceased, and announce the dates early on so anyone, including family and friends, can join in.

One thing you should remember here is that planting shrubs or trees might be easy, but taking care of them will be difficult. Therefore, whenever you plant a tree, remember to revisit the place and attend to the plant until it is big enough to survive on its own.

Relive An Experience

Think of something you and the deceased loved doing. It can be going out to a park, eating out at a restaurant, or even baking cookies at home. Reliving these moments will help you remember the good days you spent with them.

You can even ask other family members to join and share in the experience. Going out on a picnic and cooking their favorite meals is a great option to commemorate the deceased.

If your loved one was interested in crafting or painting, they might have some unfinished work at their workshop. You can foster a bond with the deceased by completing what they started in the first place.

Completing the painting they left unfinished or finishing the DIY wooden chair they were crafting will give you a sense of comfort and peace as soon as you finish. However, if you don’t have enough resources or time, a professional craftsman can be hired and paid to complete their work.

Memorial Releases

Grief and agony brought on by death take time to dissipate. Organizing memorial releases do help in coping with grief and stress levels. Doves, butterflies, or balloons can be used in a memorial release. Some even place tea lights in water or add the ashes of the deceased to flow downstream.

Besides these tips mentioned above, there are a lot of other ways you can commemorate the deceased. Whenever a loved one passes away, they leave a legacy behind that needs to be carried on by their loved ones.

No matter the choices you make while trying to move forward, remember always that they would want you to live and prosper in your life.

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