How to Bring House Plants Indoors for the Winter

When the warm weather hits, it’s a good idea to bring your houseplants outside to your yard, deck, or balcony to catch some extra light. However, once the temperatures cool down and the days get shorter, you will want to bring house plants indoors.

The process is not as simple as just bringing the plants back indoors. You will need to help them acclimate to their low-light indoor environment and ensure they do not bring pests, dead growth, diseases, or unwanted debris into them.

Preparing to Bring Plants Indoors

When you bring house plants indoors, you want to be sure to understand the preparations first. Before moving the plants inside, make room for them on windowsills and counters. You can buy new plant stands, plant plates, and maybe even new floating shelves if needed.

In case you have hanging baskets, try to add ceiling hooks or plant hangers as needed. Washing your windows inside and out is also a good idea to maximize the light that comes in during the winter months.

When to Bring Plants Indoors

To learn how to bring plants indoors means to understand the right time to bring them so you will not face any trouble during the process. Now, when is it time to bring plants indoors?

You can bring house plants indoors before nighttime temperatures drop below 45 degrees (F). As well known, most tropical plants will suffer damage at temperatures below 40 degrees, some even below 50 degrees. Be sure to check plants for insects and diseases, and treat them accordingly before bringing them back inside.

How to Bring Plants Indoors for Winter

It is important to adapt your houseplants to the changing environment from outside to inside. The steps to bring house plants indoors for the winter are not that difficult, but without them, your plants can experience wilt, shock, and leaf loss.

Step 1: Changes in light and humidity from the outside to the inside are very different. When customizing your houseplants, begin by bringing in houseplants at night.

Step 2: For the first two or three days, take the container inside at night and move it back outside in the morning.

Step 3: Over two weeks, increase the amount of time the plant spends indoors until it is indoors full time. You can do this gradually.

Step 4: Keep in mind that indoor plants will not need as much water as outdoor plants. So, water the plants only when the soil is dry to the touch.

Step 5: Make sure to clean your windows to maximize the amount of sunlight that enters your plants through the windows.

To prevent shock when bringing your houseplants back into the room, gradually expose them to reduce lighting. Usually, if they are in bright light and you move them to much lower light, chances are some of the leaves will fall off.

However, new ones should form as the plant re-adapts to lower light. It is best if they are outside in high light to place them in the same light indoors, such as a south window or under a plant light on a timer for 16 hours a day.

Tips to Bring House Plants Indoors

  • Pay attention to the temperature.
  • Make sure to get rid of pests.
  • Give your house plants time to adjust.
  • Do not forget to reduce water and fertilizer.
  • Give light and moisture.

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