Everything that You Need to Know about Barndominium Shell

Today, we often heard the news about a unique living place made by modifying a barn. People call it the barndominium, which is the combination of barn and condominium.

This type of building provides different living experiences. It has the rustic/village house vibe from the barn.

However, inside, it is so modern that it makes it more comfortable as a living place. Because of that, many people try to get a barndominium shell. So, what is a barndominium shell?

Brief Description of Barndominium Shell

Originally, a barndominium was built of an existing barn that you modify into a living place. You add various facilities to make it comfortable.

Adding several partitions and rooms to make it feel like a house is also one of the methods to change your barn into a living place called a barndominium.

However, not everyone has a barn in their backyard. This is where the barndominium shell comes as the solution.

Barndominium shell is something like a building kit. If you know a portable home, it is something like that but for barndominium.

Similar to portable homes, the barndominium shell consists of all elements that you need to build this building. It includes the framework, roofing, slab, plumbing, and various elements. 

You only need to build a base or foundation for this building. Then, put everything on top of it to create a ready-to-use barndominium.

Therefore, you need to hire a professional building to help you erect this building and assemble the elements. You can do it yourself, but that is only wasting time, money, energy, and there is a chance you make many mistakes.

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How Much Does It Cost?

what is Barndominium shell

First of all, the cost of building a barndominium is much lower than standard house costs. Now, if you use a barndominium shell, you can even save more money.

You can buy it starting from $20 per square foot. Depending on the size and extra options, you could pay up to $50 per square foot. 

Therefore, if you want to save more budgets for a barndominium, you can modify its material or design.

For example, you don’t need to use marble for your kitchen countertop. Use cheaper material and guarantee you can save more money.

On the other hand, there is also another option called barndominium kits. It is a cheaper version of the barndominium shell,

which is a good option for a beginner. If you want to try to have a barndominium in your backyard, you can use the kits before you move to the next and higher option.


We hope you understand and know what you should do to get a barndominium. Find the best provider for the barndominium shell that you need.

Hire an experienced builder that can give you the best help to build a barndominium. Those are everything that you need to save more money and get the best quality barndominium for your living place.

We also hope you can share more about the barndominium. So, if any of your friends as something like this, what is a barndominium shell, you can explain and give them the best answer. Try it now!

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