4 Advantages of Mueller Buildings And Its 6 Standard Series Products

Mueller Buildings has been serving for more than 85 years. This company was founded in Ballinger, Texas, by Walter Mueller.

Mueller Steel started by providing water cisterns to ranchers and local farmers in that area. But now, the company also offers metal buildings, components, and roofing.

The company is still located in Ballinger, Texas, but now has three facilities where the locations are Texas. The company also operates more than 30 facilities in other states.

If you are looking for the right metal building kit, make sure you consider Mueller Steel. Get detailed information about it here.

The Prices of Products Provided by Mueller Buildings

The Prices of Products Provided by Mueller Buildings

You won’t find any details about the price of custom metal building on this page since each project will have different requirements and obviously different prices as well.

Keep in mind that the cost of each product varies depending on the price fluctuations and location.

However, the base prices usually fluctuate a little. Here are some various options you need to consider. The prices below can also be found in the catalog that’s available on the official website of Mueller Steel.


dimensions of the steel workshop

The dimensions of the steel workshop are 24x24x10 feet with a framed opening that is 10 feet x 7 feet 4 inches.

This building’s prices can vary, based on the type you choose. The price of the workshop’s basic type is USD 3,795.

The snow type of workshop will be USD 4,095. The price for the premium type of workshop is also USD 4,095. The steel workshops are also available in Texas Windstorm. This type’s price is USD 4,295.

1. Garage

Mueller Buildings also offers a garage of various types. You can customize the garage to meet your own needs.

But the standard garage provided by Mueller Steel has these dimensions: 24x30x11 feet with the size of framed opening 16×8 feet.

The price for the Basic garage type and the premium garage type is USD 5,495. And the price for the Snow garage type and Texas Windstorm garage type is USD 5,595.

2. Big Workshop

Big workshop by Mueller Steel offers superior room and storage compared to the basic or traditional one.

The big workshop’s dimensions are 30x40x12 feet, and its framed opening’s dimensions are 10×10 feet. The price of a big workshop will start at USD 6,595. However, there are some options available.

The price of Mueller Buildings basic big workshop is USD 6,995. The big premium workshop is USD 7,295. The snow big workshop type is USD 7,395. And finally, the Texas Windstorm’s price is USD 8,395.

3. Small Barn

Mueller Steel offers three different barn options. The small one offers several features like 30x50x12 feet dimensions and 12×10 feet framed opening.

This option is excellent for smaller farms. The starting price of this barn is USD 7,395. There are some additional options available.

The basic small barn kits’ price is USD 8,295, while the snow type small barn’s price is USD 8,595. The premium small barn’s price is USD 9,095, while the Texas windstorm small barn’s price is USD 9,695. 

4. Big Barn

Compared to the previous Mueller Buildings product, this one’s size is slightly bigger. The big barn comes with a substantial room.

The dimensions of this barn are 40x50x14 feet, while the framed opening will be 12×12 feet. The starting price is USD 10,395.

Some additional accessories and options that are available include the basic type (USD 11,495), the snow type (USD 12,695), the premium type (USD 11,695), and the Texas Windstorm type (USD 13,795).

5. Big Barn XL

This is the biggest barn offered by Mueller Buildings. This model’s dimensions are 40x60x16 feet with two framed openings that the size is 14×14 feet.

The price will start at USD 12.895. The basic type will be USD 14,295. The premium type’s price is USD 14,695.

The snow type of big barn XL will be USD 15,195, and the Texas Windstorm type’s price is USD 17,795.

These six different products are included in standard series products. Which one of those products meets your plans the most?

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Why Do You Need Mueller Buildings Products?

Why Do You Need Mueller Buildings Products

Mueller Steel offers the most reliable and also structurally sound buildings made of steel.

The cost offered by this company is efficient, and the buildings are totally easy to put together. Besides, the building also requires less maintenance compared to all standard buildings.

1. Excellent durability

Every single unit of Mueller Steel products is made of high-quality steel. Mueller Steel uses steel that is 33% thicker compared to the steel used by the industry standard and competitors.

The extra thickness allows Mueller Steel to offer stronger buildings to clients around the world.

Mueller also provides exceptional warranties on the entire products provided by the company. However, the length of the warranty can vary based on the type of product you purchased.

2. Energy efficiency

Mueller Buildings products have been tested for the energy efficiency term. The test concluded that there is only 3% to 5% of the solar heat that will be absorbed into the building passing through the insulating system.

This means the unit can stay cool despite the high temperatures outside.

Compared to the asphalt roofs, roofing made of metal will provide 50% energy savings. Besides, this roofing can be a hundred degrees cooler than asphalt roofs.

3. Various product ranges

Mueller Buildings comes with so many product types you need to consider.

For example, there are backyard kits, custom buildings, greenhouse kits, carports, components, and standard series or pre-designed buildings like barns, workshops, large storage units, and garages.

4. Famous reliable company

The company gained positive reviews from its previous clients. This can help you prioritize Mueller Steel above the other similar companies.

However, don’t forget to check how this company responds to customers who aren’t satisfied with the service or product of this company.

Mueller Buildings should be on your list when you’re looking for a reliable and trusted metal building company.

This company offers various products and different prices depending on the features you want for the metal building you desire. Check the advantages of the company’s products on this page.

For more information visit MuellerInc.com

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