What is the Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain?

What is the most aggressive chainsaw chain? There are many types of saws to find in the market. One of them is the chainsaw which is commonly used to cut trees whether they are big or small.

That’s why the chainsaw is mostly seen in the wood industry. Similar to other types of saw, a chainsaw is operated using the engine power that rotates very similarly to the chain rotation of mobile vehicles.

How is a good chainsaw?

A good chainsaw has a thin chain as its blade to produce maximal cutting only with a small fraction.

More than that the chainsaw’s weight must also be ideal, not too heavy and not too light so that the user can spend his energy better. In addition, the tip of the chainsaw is also sharper to cut off the wood easier.

What is the most aggressive chain to install on the chainsaw?

What is the Most Aggressive Chainsaw Chain

It is actually quite difficult to decide what the most aggressive chain is. Yes, every type of chain in a chainsaw has its own pros and cons. Each of them is also commonly used for different types of materials.

But if you learn about them or even try those chains one by one, it is concluded that the 3/8 pitch chain and the 404 chains are the most aggressive. 3/8 is considered the most flexible size and the strength is adequate.

Meanwhile, it is also quite lightweight and the cutting speed is ideal. It uses a 50-100cc chainsaw engine. That’s why the combination is known to be the most aggressive chain for the chainsaw.

The knowledge of choosing an aggressive chainsaw chain may confuse some of you guys. In case you want a more in-depth guide, we will recommend you to check out the Chainsaw Guru Blog as it has covered the information revolving around chainsaw chains, their types, their sharpening, adjustments, and much more.

How to Use a Chainsaw Properly

How to Use a Chainsaw Properly

Some beginners may find it a little bit difficult to use a chainsaw. Besides, the treatment is also quite complex if you don’t have enough experience in it.

But don’t worry, it is not something you cannot practice. Below, there are some steps and things to know before using a chainsaw. What are they?

First, install the chain and the chip. Of course, it is if both things have not been installed before. To do it, open the chain protection by removing the nut and bolt. Next, install the chain to the line adjusted to the gear. Mostly, this part is placed on the upper area of the chain.

Second, power it up. Some chainsaw products use engines as power. If you use it, you must use a fuel that is mixed with the lubricant.

For 40 hours, the comparison of the fuel and lubricant is 20:1. Besides, some other chainsaws use electricity as power. For this type, it is easier as you only need to plug it into the socket.

Third, use the lubricant on the chain. The lubricant functions to smooth the chain and minimize friction. The chain is also treated as well as it cannot be easily damaged. Make sure that the lubricant is still new and clean, not the used ones.

Lastly, you can just turn it on by pulling its starter slowly around 3-5 times. It is to enable the air to enter and mix with the fuel. Pull it once stronger to turn it on. Meanwhile, to turn off the tool, just push the Off button.

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