30 Best Ideas About Living Rooms with White Brick Walls

White Brick Walls – There are so many options for wall design, a white brick wall is one of them. If you want to emphasize the elegance of interior design, choosing white or other neutral colors would be the best option you can have. White brick wall gives more than just elegances. Its texture has its own charm.

The brick wall can add character to your interior. It would give styles to your house. It tends to be applied to restaurants and lofts. The alluring charm that it has offered an awesome atmosphere into there. It seems suitable in any room, but in this page, we’ll be focusing on a living room.

What if your current living room gets remodel with this white brick wall concept. It could go with its elegance and rustic style, or a combination of them.

white kitchen red brick wall

The texture of brick is just one of a kind. You could get a weathered look as well as a historical sense into the room.

If you are not okay to get brick wall all over the room, you can just choose to have the brick wall in small spaces like a backsplash or get covered by a shelf. You will get a versatile backdrop for the room.

In your elegant and formal living room, the brick wall will add character to the atmosphere. The rustic touch would make the room to be more interesting.

Well, in this article you would be pampered with the white brick wall inspirations that can improve your living room right away.

White Brick Wall Design

white brick wall apartment

With the white brick wall, you can create a perfect looking living room. It’s not gonna be disturbing to the eye. The textured can be designed not to be over.

This kind of wall is flexible, you can just leave it empty and plain to show off the texture of the bricks. You can also ornate it with some framed decoration or accessories.

Check out the sofa in front of the brick wall. It offers the pleasure and comfort sensation to the room’s atmosphere.

You will definitely feel comfortable being around this living room without even thinking about changing the interior anymore.


  • This small living room has more character to show that a larger room without the brick wall.


  • That vintage and classic accessories on the wall and on the side table are not necessary.

White Brick Wall with Some Macrame

decorating a white brick wall

Macrame seems to be so contrasted with the white brick wall. The look of natural and traditional will be well applied with this combination. Hanging the Macrame against the white brick wall can result in a perfect character for the design.

You can play with colorful decoration and accessories to deal with white background. As you can see, the design is free to create the color mixing with this concept. Some ethnic combination can be invented by yourself too just like the rugs and pillows.


  • If you have a great taste in designing a room, this can be your favorite view in a living room.


  • There are too many plants inside a room, may it’s great for outdoor decoration, but for the interior, it’s a no.

White Brick Wall as A Background for Television

white brick wall room

Most living rooms choose a TV to be the focal point of the room. It’s the most favorite activity you can do in a living room.

So, having the TV background an aesthetic charm is a great thing to do. The brick wall also offers a modern look for this living room.

Most furniture in this living room is made of wood. There’s no sofa or couch, or even coffee table. The traditional style of furniture would get face to face with the sophisticated mean like TV.

The long bench in front of the TV is completed with some pillow and cushions to let you comfortable in watching the entertainment.


  • The wood furniture match with a wooden floor that strengthens the elegant atmosphere that is supported by the white brick wall.


  • All the walls are painted in white and there’s only one spot on the wall that’s in a brick wall. The imposed white brick wall is just built for the TV background.

White Brick Wall with Soft Furnishings

white brick wall pattern

Most designers decide not to go over with the furniture design and decorations. It is because the wall itself is already impressive and interesting. They are just focusing on adding simple decoration with soft appearances.

As you can see, the white brick wall in this living is well-paired with a colorful mix of soft accessories, decorations, and furnishings.

The color choices are in pasty. Take a look at three framed pictures on the wall. That artwork won’t take over the attention, it’s just there to make the wall sweeter.


  • Having the living room beside the large windows would increase the brightness of the white brick wall, that’s what the designer wants. It would look less rustic and clean.


  • It might be too bright for some people, having a bright white background to be attacked by the bright sunlight. It will look weird and dazzle your eyes.

The White Brick Wall in Dovercourt Park Renovation

white brick wall vintage

This is the living room concept with a white brick wall when all the elements inside are able to complement each other. In the picture, there’s only one side of the wall that is left brick in the living room.

It’s very special because it looks complicated but the concept is actually really simple. The design in this living room is quite unusual with that decoration and architecture.

The white brick wall offers a specific look into the room. It’s like the element that binds them all together. The furniture and the decoration of this room won’t be looking so awkward anymore.


  • This is what we call a clean traditional style. This idea is suitable for your small or tiny house. The amount and arrangement of the furniture make the room seems to be larger.


  • The white brick wall side is still looking dirty and messed up with damages everywhere making it unideal for the interior.

White Brick Wall with Urban Art

white brick shaped wall tiles

Some homeowners decide to paint the white brick wall with urban artwork. Take a look at this amazing living room. That beautiful artwork succeeds to impress me. This is the suitable addition for the modern living room.

It doesn’t make the clean modern room to look dirty. In fact, it catches everyone’s attention with that adorable piece of art. This design gives people an idea to showcase their collection in the living room.

You don’t have to choose that pictures to be painted on your brick wall. You can always be creative in choosing which kind of artworks that meet your style or the style of your living room. There are so many artworks available for many styles.


  • Life is Beautiful” looks great in a beautiful living room.


  • When you are entering this living room, the first thing you would see is the artwork on the white brick wall, ironically, that’s the only thing that makes the room a lot less interesting.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room with White Brick Wall

whitewash brick wall kitchen

If you enjoy having all the room has a white brick wall, probably, the mid-century modern house you need to have.

I guess, the mid-century interior design is where the brick wall belongs. Almost all of the elements in this living room are in white.

It results in a grand and sophisticated look of the living room. For the accents, the cream-colored sofa, rug, and some accessories get added.

There’s no TV to enjoy because the owner said the texture of the white brick wall is enough to make him entertained.


  • If you are looking for comfortable, soothing, calming, and relaxing living room. This is the one you are looking for. It would bring the exact peaceful atmosphere you need.


  • The color seems to be monotonous, but the windows are pretty helpful to give a little bit color for the background.

L-Shape Feature Wall in A Living Room

white brick wall free

This living room is designed by The Design Practice website. They create the white brick wall to be a lot more interesting than other ordinary living room. The texture of the white brick wall is more aesthetic.

There are two wide walls in this L-shape living room. One of them is bricked significantly. It really brings a good character to the room. The designer is very clever to decide the design of the rug to be matched with the brick wall and flooring.

I guess this is the real elegance that a living room could give. The amount of each color in every element is sufficient. You don’t need to add more color to the mix, it’s already perfectly maintained.


  • Instead of having a plain white wall, the white brick wall really makes this long living room a lot more interesting.


  • This room is only contained with a neutral color combination.

Devlin Baldassari Residence Design with White Brick Wall

loft with white brick walls

Three words for this living room design, Specific, Amazing, and Unique. Those three words are enough to describe this living room.

This beach house has good-looking living room. The relaxing atmosphere would be provided by the open walls.

The ceiling texture has become the highlight of this living room. Then, there’s a white brick wall as the backdrop behind the sofa to complete the experience.

This living room design is found in Devlin Baldassari Residence. The unusual design is, of course, will impress anyone who enters the house.


  • This living room definitely would make you feel wonderful. The additional color from the pillows really accentuates the ambiance.


  • There’s too much texture to pay attention too in one small living room.

Contemporary Living Space with White Brick Wall

whitewash brick accent wall

Living space in a house is the reason you want to stay more. So, create a well organized and decorated living space to make the stay more comfortable.

As you can see, staying in this large living room would get you feel like you are staying in a different world which is modern and exclusive.

The furniture is the key which makes the living space modern. Let’s talk about that large and tall white brick wall in the background.

It stands on itself to be combined with the fireplace, it fits perfectly there. Even though the position is not strategic but the charm is hypnotizing adequately.

This living room is designed in an open concept. There is more than one room in a single large room. The space for the living room is quite limited. So, as a whole, this room design is completely astonishing.


  • The white brick wall tower on the corner is just enough to manage a good looking background from this point of view.


  • The existence of the white brick wall is not necessary. It doesn’t give any significant effect to the modern living room.

White Brick Wall with Vintage Decors

4 pics 1 word white brick wall

This is an ideal concept for your living room if you want to incorporate some decoration in vintage style. You can set a vintage design as lovely as this photo.

The unique colorful look of the living room will give you a feeling of different places.

The designer adds some interesting and joyful accessories to strengthen the concept. The sense of contemporary looks so subtle in this living room.

Anyway, that white brick wall on the background plays an important role to be the stunning basic of whatever happens on the front.


  • Being vintage is not always monotonous and old. It could be cheerful and colorful like this living room.


  • The white brick wall design on the background need to be well-finished. It still looks a bit dirty. That’s important though.


Well, that’s all the list of some impressive ideas you can combine with the white brick wall. I’m pretty sure you already picked the one you think deserve to be applied in your own living room.

Don’t forget to maintain the comfort of the room because that’s what a living room is all about.

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