Why Should You Wear Camo While Hunting?

Camouflage is an excellent tool that hunters can use to increase their skills. Camo can help you blend into the surroundings making it harder for your prey to notice you. In order to hunt as best as you possibly can, camo is essential. Try deer hunting camo during deer season to increase your likelihood of coming home with something to show your friends.

There are many benefits to wearing camouflage, and if you want to become a top hunter, you must wear camo. Not only will it help you blend in and get a better shot at prey, but it will also make you look like a real hunter.


Wear Camo While Hunting

The primary purpose of camo is to conceal you from your prey. To have your camo be most effective, you pick a pattern based on the area you hunt in, the vegetation in the area, and the prey you want to bag.

Not all camo will work in all areas. For example, winter camo would be suitable for hunting during the summer or in regions that do not get snow since the white snowy patterns will not blend into wooded areas with trees full of leaves.


A big part of why camo works are the use of colors that blend into your surroundings. Browns, greens, and tans are very commonly used in camo because they tend to match the environment you will be hunting in. They can sometimes have patterns that match foliage and help conceal you better.

Some animals, such as deer, cannot see some colors, such as red and orange, meaning these colors can be helpful for hunters. Blue is not a good color for hunters because many preys can see that color and can be scared off if they see it.


Camo is often designed with specific patterns. These patterns can be images or computer renderings of your hunting environment, such as woodlands, marshlands, and even snowy trees. These are known as mimicry camouflage.

There are also some camo designs with no discernible pattern, called break-up patterns. These are designed more to hide the hunter’s shape, but they still utilize the colors of your hunting area.


The easiest way to hide from prey is to hide your body shape. Camo can help hide the shape of your limbs through its use of colors and patterns that blend you into the scenery.

The designs on camo tend to blend your limbs into your body more carefully, which helps you hide from prey more effectively and for longer.

Prey can still sense your movements even when your shape is hidden, so this is not a foolproof way to help you get closer to your target, but it is an excellent addition to your hunting strategy.

Reduce UV

Some camo is specifically made to reduce the glow of ultraviolet (UV) light rays. A lot of modern clothing uses UV to brighten up clothing. Most prey does not have a way to filter UV light since it is not as naturally occurring in outdoor spaces.

Reducing UV light can help you conceal yourself more easily since you won’t be as bright. This type of UV-reduced camo is especially effective if you are hunting at night.


There is some psychology behind wearing camo. Camouflage helps get you into the mindset of hunting in the same way a suit helps a businessman feel ready for his day. Dressing for the task you want to accomplish can help you feel more motivated and encourage you to do better.

A true hunter looks and acts the part, and a large part of hunting is wearing camouflage during a hunt. The attire is popular because it looks great, it works, and it is comfortable. Wearing camo can add a bit of a psychological edge to your hunting experience.

Mix and match


There is no one way to wear camo correctly. You can mix and match some different camo techniques and still get great results.

Be sure to remember still the environment of your hunting grounds and what best fools your prey, but you do not always have to wear head-to-toe camo.

Wearing some camo and a plain-colored shirt or pants that match the colors of your hunting ground can also be excellent hunting attire.


Another large part of blending in is your scent. If your prey can smell you, the target will likely become afraid and run away from you, no matter how well concealed your body is. Scent control or scent masking, using sprays designed to hide your scent, is an excellent practice to help you be able to get closer to your prey.

Before you go

If you want to become a master hunter, wearing camouflage is a must. Camo is a great way to better help you blend in with your surroundings and fool your prey. Put on your camo and be prepared for a successful hunt.

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