7 Huge 2 Car Garage Ideas for Various Needs

If you have a lot of space to build a huge house, consider building a garage that can house up to 2 different cars. Some 2 car garage ideas allow you to get an extra spacious garage where you can place your vehicles and work on your projects much more comfortably.

You need to make sure that the garage will not only be able to accommodate your cars or one car and bikes.

You also need to consider the extra spaces to build a storage system and a workbench if you are going to work on various projects inside the garage.

1. Simple 2 Car Garage with Single Door

Simple 2 Car Garage with Single Door

There are various designs of 2 car garage you can adopt and apply on your own garage. The best one for a smaller garage is a 2 car garage with a single door.

Unfortunately, in order to use one of the cars, you need to open the door and expose everything you have inside the garage.

2. Huge Garage with 2 Doors

Huge Garage with 2 Doors

But if your garage has bigger dimensions, consider using two garage doors with a separator between those doors.

This kind of garage allows you to open one door and hide the rest of the garage when you are about to get out with one of your vehicles.

3. Keep The Things on The Sides

ceiling height storage systems

Instead of hanging things on the back wall, the most basic but best idea to consider is using the garage side walls to store everything inside your garage.

Build ceiling height storage systems so you can fit everything on the sidewalls of your garage. This allows you to maximize the use of the garage floor.

4. 2 Car Garage Ideas with Windows

2 Car Garage Ideas with Windows

This is the idea you need if you are looking for a spacious garage where you can store your cars and work on your project at once.

Complete your garage with a lot of windows so that you can get enough air and natural light when you are trying to finish the project.

5. Modern Garage for Modern Apartment

Modern Garage for Modern Apartment

The garage for the apartment needs to match the apartment style. If the apartment has a modern style, the garage should also have a modern look.

The modern garage usually is identical with a minimalist interior and garage door. If the door is made of glass, curtains are necessary to hide the cars.

6. Spacious Garage with Enough Storage

Spacious Garage with Enough Storage

When planning a garage, you need to plan where your kits will be placed and stored. Placing things on the floor next to the wall will be fine, but you can save space by building overhead storage systems.

This way, you will get enough space on the floor to store the vehicles and work on your projects.

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7. Detached Garage with Extra Door

Garage with Extra Door

A detached garage is a special garage. If you want to build this one, you need to cover the garage with a door that can be accessed by your vehicles and a smaller door you can use to get in and get out of the garage without opening the bigger one.

Various 2 car garage ideas above allow you to build the best spacious garage that meets your needs and matches the style of your house.

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