5 Garage Remodels Ideas to Turn an Ordinary Space into Extraordinary

Garage Remodels Ideas – Back then, the garage is just an ordinary, utilitarian space. Today, things are different as many homeowners decide to remodel their garage into something else, something extraordinary, from a mudroom, guest room, home gym to the wine cellar.

Need some inspiration on how to remodel your garage? We got you covered. Below, we listed 7 garage remodels ideas to inspire you.

1. Mudroom

garage remodels ideas

If you don’t have a mudroom in your home yet, consider remodeling your garage into one. A mudroom primarily functions as a secondary entrance to a home.

It usually includes space for hanging coats and bags, a bench to sit on when you take off your shoes, storage for shoes, and others.

Basically, to keep your home clean from mud, water, snow, etc., while making things organized and tidy.

Making a mudroom doesn’t require much, making it an ideal option for garage remodeling on a budget.

2. Guest Room

Guest Room Ideas

When it comes to returning on investment, a guest room is among the best garage remodels ideas.

On the one hand, the presence of an extra bedroom increases the value of your home. On the other, it allows you to accommodate incoming guests.

3. Workshop

dedicated space in the house

Having a dedicated space in the house for a hobby is always nice, whether your hobby is photography, woodworking, painting, crafting, gardening, or any other.

Having such space allows you to indulge yourself, improve your skills, and the best part of it: making less clutter throughout your home.

These are why remodeling a garage into a workshop is among the best renovations you can do.

4. Home Gym

Home Gym Ideas

For those who like to work out but don’t like to go to the gym, remodeling the garage into a home gym is definitely an excellent solution.

You can start small by adding padded floor mats, getting some basic equipment and storage, and, if there is enough room, installing mirrored wall panels.

5. Media Room

Media Room Ideas

Love watching shows or movies on the big screen? Consider making a media room. To make a media room, you will need a large screen, upholstered seating, surround sound, and of course, dramatic lighting.

Make sure to soundproof the room and remodel it so you can get a blackout. These give you the best viewing experience while not disturbing your neighbors.

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6. Playroom

Best Playroom Ideas

Children make the home messy, especially so if there is no dedicated playroom for them.

So, why not turn your garage into a playroom? Your children and their friends can play in it. If the weather is nice, you can open the garage and allow them to play indoors and outdoors.

As our garage remodels ideas above have shown you, there are many different ways you can remodel a garage.

It can be remodeled as something simple as a mudroom or as complex as a media room. So, what do you think? What kind of remodeling do you want for your garage?

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