4 Tips to Choose Pole Barn Garage Kit and 4 Steps to Build It

If you need a garage, but you want to build it yourself, you need to consider building a pole barn garage. It is the easiest type of garage you can build during the do-it-yourself project.

But do you know how to build this garage and what things you must prepare before building the garage?

This garage-type will give you many benefits. Easy to build is just one of so many benefits of this building. The others include high durability and cheaper cost to build the garage.

Make your own garage plans and get the right garage kit for your upcoming DIY project.

How to Choose The Right Pole Barn Garage Kits

How to Choose The Right Pole Barn Garage Kits

There will be so many pole barn kits you find online or offline. But not all kits are created equal.

Before you choose one between various kits available, there are some crucial things you need to know first. Do these things below to get yourself ready for the right pole barn kit.

Find the proper location for your garage

proper location for your barn garage

Due to the structures of pole barns don’t require any solid foundation, many people assume that the kit can be placed and be moved whenever and wherever.

But if you want the pole barn to be structurally sound, you need to embed the poles deep into the right ground.

This means you cannot move the structure easily once it is built in the location you choose in the first place.

Make sure you choose the best place for your pole barn garage before you start purchasing the kits. After choosing the ideal location, start determining the structure size.

1. Prepare enough budget for this project

The prices of pole barn kits usually are less expensive compared to the stick-built structure cost. However, you still have to prepare enough budget.

You may need to spend a few thousand dollars to get quality materials and a kit for your pole barn.

Pole barn prices may vary significantly. You are highly recommended to choose the price range that you can afford realistically.

Also, consider the zoning regulations and figure out whether you must get a permit in order to build this pole barn garage.

2. Choose quality materials and kit

In many cases, kits of pole barn come with everything you need in order to build the structure. However, the quality of those materials can vary depending on the provider of those materials.

Quality kits will be equipped with quality materials, such as metal roofing, premium lumber, wood trusses, and siding.

Quality kits will also be equipped with fasteners that color match the kit. Trims, doors, and windows will also come along with those quality kits.

Before purchasing any kit, make sure you get the outline of the construction and also the blueprint in order to streamline your process.

3. Consider the garage’s floor type

The structures of the pole barn garage offer some different flooring types. The right floor type for you depends on what you need and how you are going to use the garage.

Dirt and gravel floors are the cheapest options ever. But this isn’t a practical option if you are going to work in the garage.

Also, dirt and gravel floors won’t be the best choice if you want to use your garage as an additional storage space.

Besides, dirt and gravel floors also require annual maintenance, meaning you need to spend more money to maintain them.

Concrete garages with loft is another option. This flooring type is the most expensive option. However, it is maintenance-free and will last for a long time.

How to Build Pole Barn Garage

How to Build Pole Barn Garage

Are you ready to build your own garage with the right pole barn kit? You need to learn about how to build your pole barn kit so that you can be successful in your upcoming DIY project.

Below are some steps that are going to guide you in building your own garage at home.

1. Always think big and be flexible

When you plan the garage, you need to consider leaving some additional spaces around and in it.

You also need to be flexible, especially about your construction. Don’t be scared to open to the possibilities of altering your pole barn kit a little.

2. Focus on the insulation and ventilation

Your pole barn garage needs insulation and ventilation. If you are going to store motorcycles, cars, or many other precious items inside the garage, you want to protect them all from moisture, mold, heat, cold drafts, or humidity.

Some kits may come with some plans for insulation. However, you are free to change the insulation to something that is more appropriate for the design.

3. Adjust the roof and door to your needs

If the pole barn garage is going to be built in a suburban area, the roof and doors should provide good ventilation and easy access.

You also need to consider adding an emergency exit, especially if you are going to build a large garage like the automotive workshop.

4. Choose a foundation that is totally appropriate

The building of the pole barn has several options for the foundation. You need to consult with the contractor and then look at the soil condition and geography in the area before you choose the right one.

You may get some options like the plastic and asphalt sleeves and U construction brackets.

Those four steps are going to help you get a firm and strong garage to store things or to work in. If this is your first DIY garage, you can get help from an experienced friend to build the garage together.

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Build Pole Barn Garage in Your DIY Project

Build Pole Barn Garage

Unlike the conventional garages that stick to the ground and require a foundation, this garage will only require post holes that are deep enough to secure its vertical beams.

The method to build this garage-type will help save your time, money, excavation, and concrete.

Pole barn kit is also super easy to build. You can build this on your DIY project. No need for any experience to build this garage.

In fact, many people choose to get kits and then build their garage themselves. If you want to build this pole barn garage yourself, follow everything you have read above.

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