5 Metal Building Insulation Types and Where to Install Them

Metal building insulation and metal buildings themselves became much more interesting for so many people compared to wood since metals are more durable but less costly than wood.

Unfortunately, metal is different from wood since the metal will conduct more heat to the interior of the building.

Without any insulation, there will be no barrier that will block the cold and heat from entering the metal building.

This is going to bring a huge impact on the cooling and heating costs. Insulation is the best way to cut costs and enjoy a more beautiful atmosphere inside your metal building.

Various Types of Metal Building Insulation

Various Types of Metal Building Insulation

Metal buildings are strong and durable. But without any proper insulation, this building will require you to spend more on heating and energy bills.

The key to cutting the bills is controlling the outside temperature variations’ conduction. Fortunately, below are some available options you can consider.

1. Loose-fill insulation

Loose pellets and fibers will be blown into your building’s walls using special equipment. This metal building insulation type is a more expensive choice and usually is found in older residential homes.

One benefit of this insulation is that the insulation is going to fill your building’s corner.

In fact, this kind of insulation is able to fill the building’s corner better than some other insulation types. This is going to reduce any potential for leakage. Unfortunately, this is not a practical option for many metal structures.

The R-value of loose-fill metal insulation is between R-3 and R-4 value per inch. The best option to consider is cellulose fibers that are chemically treated to increase the insulation and resistance to fire.

2. Batt and blanket insulation

If you want metal building insulation that has the cheapest cost, consider batt insulation.

The material of this insulation is made of mineral fiber that comes from rock wool or processed fiberglass. If you want stub spacing insulation, batt insulation is the ideal option.

Batt insulation may also include radiant barrier blocking as well.

But if you get batt insulation that doesn’t include the barrier blocking, add the radiant barrier on your own to your batt and blanket insulation. The R-value of this blanket insulation is R-3.

3. Spray foam insulation

Spray foam is a famous metal building insulation. This insulation comes in liquid form. The foam contains polymers like polyurethane.

To use the insulation, spray the foam onto your walls, and then the foam is going to expand when it touches the structure. Then the liquid will turn into solid material.

If you have a metal building that has an unusual shape, the right option will be this spray foam.

Caulking is not even necessary if you are going to use spray foam since the airtight seal is going to be formed immediately.

4. Bubble metal building insulation

The latest option available is the bubble wraprolls insulation that is designed for metal buildings. There will be some layers on every bubble wrap insulation.

Every layer has polyethylene bubbles that will act as additional thermal barriers in order to stop condensation.

If you have an extra budget for insulation, consider combining one of the insulation materials above with radiant barrier bubble wrap insulation.

This is going to improve the ability of your building to limit heat transfer. Besides, a combination of two insulations will also boost the overall R-value.

5. Rigid board panels

The boars are made of fiberglass, polystyrene, or polyurethane. The material used to create thismetal building insulation allows you to cut the thickness and adjust it to allow the utmost insulation.

This insulation is going to be perfect for your flat roofs since it is usually used on basement walls.

Rigid board insulationsystems’ insulating value ranges between R4 and R8. Which one is the right insulation system for you? Check out the price ranges before making the right decision.

Price Ranges of Metal Insulation Systems

Each type of insulation system above comes in different thicknesses. And each thickness carries different R-values.

Different R-values are going to affect the prices of metal insulation systems. The price can vary depending on where you live. But at least you’ll know the range first.

Below is the price range of four different insulation types.

Thickness Batt Foam Board Insulated Panels Spray Foam
2 inches R-7 R-12 R-16 R-12
3 inches R-11 R-15 R-25 R-18
4 inches R-13 R-18 R-33 R-24
5 inches R-16 R-21 R-41 R-30
6 inches R-19 R-24 R-49 R-36
Price Range $ $$ $$$ $$$$

Pick anymetal building insulation that the price suits your budget. But also consider the shape of your metal building when you are looking for the best insulation system that meets your needs.

Then you can learn about how to install the insulating system properly.

Installation Guide for Insulation System

Installation Guide for metal Insulation System

Where should you insulate your metal building? At least, you need to install several types of insulating systems in your metal building’s roof.

If you live somewhere with various weather patterns, you are highly recommended to insulate the walls of your metal building as well.

For example,metal building insulation for sidewalls is important if you live in a specific area where the snow is going to pile up against the building sidewalls.

The insulating system is going to break the contact between the steels, so the condensation will be prevented, and the rust will be avoided.

Insulation usually is installed by sandwiching insulation between the building skeleton and the sheeting.

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The Importance of Building Insulation

Importance of Metal Building Insulation

An insulating system is not something trivial. You want to learn the right way to install the right insulating system to your metal building.

Depending on your metal building size and what you will use the interior for, you may need to get the pricier insulating system with a much better R-value.

The prices ofmetal building insulation will vary. If you need help to find the right insulating system that meets the needs of your building but also suits your budget, the insulating companies would love to help you find the right one.

Feel free to ask them whatever you need to know about the right choice. 

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