Are Acrylic Awnings Waterproof? Key Facts about Acrylic Awnings

Adding the awnings to your outdoor space is a great idea because it makes the place more attractive. There are many kinds of awnings in the market, one of them is the acrylic awning. As one popular awning type, are acrylic awnings waterproof?

The use of acrylic awnings is not something new. Many people choose this because of its beauty and function.

Besides, the various designs come to be another reason why people choose this awning. Thus, get all information about it before deciding to choose this kind of awning.

Acrylic Awnings Waterproof or Not?

All types of acrylic awnings are water-resistant, but they are not necessarily waterproof. What is the difference? Water-resistant materials are tightly woven and dense, so the material will be difficult for moisture to get through.

In this case, the material can be fine and stay dry to exposure to light water. Unfortunately, it cannot be of the hard exposure to water. Meanwhile, the waterproof material will be 100 percent in a good condition even though it is exposed to water.

Acrylic Awnings as the Best Choice for Waterproofing

Talking more about acrylic awnings, it is the best choice for you for waterproofing. The material combination such as cotton and polyester in one place becomes the perfect one. The blend itself can help to leverage the benefits.

When someone wants to get the full waterproofing benefits of an awning, acrylic fabric is the best choice. The material will prevent any moisture. Thus, it keeps people under the awning feeling dry and comfortable.

How Long Do Acrylic Awnings Last?

After getting the answer “are acrylic awnings waterproof”, another piece of info about how long this acrylic awning can last is an important consideration before choosing it.

Here, most acrylic fabrics have warranties of five to ten years. It is a good indication which means the quality of acrylic awnings can be more than five years.

However, the temperatures can decide the lifespan of acrylic awnings. Here, the extreme difference in the days and nights will shorten the acrylic awnings’ lifespan. The temperature gap allows water and moisture to leak through the fabric.


Vinyl or Acrylic Awning for the Rainy Season?

Besides acrylic awning, there is vinyl waning which is also popular enough among homeowners who want to decorate their outdoor space.

Vinyl is relatively cheap and simple to manufacture. However, acrylic is not flammable, but it is more breathable than vinyl material.

Because vinyl is not as breathable, this material will dry more slowly. For those who live in an area with high humidity, a choice of vinyl is a bad idea.

This material will be more prone to ripping in stiff wind. That is why acrylic awnings are the best choice for damp areas.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, it is a good idea to know all information about “are acrylic awnings waterproof” and other facts about it.

With this knowledge, many people can decide on the awning material for their houses. Thus, have you decided which awning you will choose for the outdoor space?

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