10+ Beautiful Patio Awning Ideas For Your Home!

Patio Awning Ideas – A patio awning is a popular choice among those without an outdoor covering due to the high price of such structures.

Options for shade that don’t involve buying a new structure are also available, including classic sun shades which keep you shielded from UV rays all day long.

One way to extend the life of your outdoor furniture is by using an awning. Also, it acts as protection from weather elements like rain and hail.

There are a variety of patio cover designs to pick from, but the awning is one of the more popular options.

Best Patio Awning Ideas

1. Outdoor

Best outdoor patio Design

If you enjoy spending time in the garden or just living outdoors, an awning is necessary to provide shade on sunny days.

If you have an outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area, it’s important to take precautions and protect your investment with adequate patio coverings.

Today’s modern awnings don’t differ much from classic striped canvas, but today they come in solid colors that blend into the landscape.

When choosing the color of your awning material, it’s important to consider which one will be most efficient.

Darker colors trap heat and lighter colors show dirt more easily, so choose a medium shade or opt for printed fabric.

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2. Backyard

backyard patio ideas

Homeowners can decide to purchase a canopy that extends over each of the windows in the house, both in the front and backyard.

This is most often seen on older bungalow style homes however it can also provide shade for window-based back yard activities.

A patio awning is primarily designed for outdoor living spaces, but it can be mounted on the back of your house and hidden from plain view.

For a more exposed, permanent option, set up a frame to support your fabric with an overhanging canopy.

3. Deck

deck patio design

If a patio is used frequently, shade becomes an issue because the concrete surface bears too much exposure to sunlight.

If this decking is made of wood or composite material, it’s common for awnings to be built permanently attached to the frame that supports fabric, plastic or wooden shades.

A smaller deck can be fitted with a retractable manual awning on the side of the home. To get some shading without committing money to an expensive structure, purchase a shade sail that can be put up and taken down daily.

If more area is needed for shade during larger events, pergolas are sometimes used in place of awnings.

4. Canopy

Canopy patio Ideas

It can be hard to tell the difference between an awning and a canopy, but they are actually quite different.

A typical awning is made from durable waterproof material that can shield one area of your yard from rain or sun all day long.

Canopies tend to be more temporary in their design and construction, used for events like weddings or outdoor parties.

Just because a patio canopy isn’t intended to be in place permanently doesn’t mean it’s not great for blocking light and extending coverage.

In a freezing winter climate, you’re better off with an awning that can be retracted or a canopy. These options keep your porch and patio furniture safe from angry snowstorms.

5. Pergola

pergola patio awning ideas

A pergola is an outdoor structure that can be created through columns or beams to support a roof.

This roof may either be open, leaving the beam visible in areas, or it may have retractable awning covering.

Sometimes, the entire pergola is built with solid material on top of columns to provide protection from the elements.

If you want to spruce up your patio pergola, try adding a DIY solution. Architectural accents like this can work wonders on an otherwise standard looking pergola cover.

6. DIY

diy patio awning

One of the best options for a homemade patio cover is to use one that pops up.

For example, you may have seen them at arts and crafts festivals or campgrounds where they are used as temporary shade when needed.

Structures large enough to provide shade should be built outdoors. But, these structures are useful as a way to get sun protection without building them.

If you have exceptional DIY skills, consider building your own patio cover. Purchasing a lattice backyard kit is easy online and following the instructions for that specific item.

7. Retractable

Retractable patio awning

One type of awning is more popular than others in the United States: retractable patio awnings.

Motorized panels allow you to open and close shading by hand, making it an efficient choice for simpler patios or balconies.

Motorized retractable awnings are preferable, primarily when you have a deck or patio that is large in size.

More expensive than stationary and manual retractable ones, the motorized types allow for easy control by means of a simple switch or remote.

8. Wood

wood patio awning design

Patio awnings in wood look great on any home, but especially so with simple lines or embellishments.

Paint the patio awning yourself to save money and change its style every few years.

Outdoor living goes from simple to stylish with a basic wood patio awning. Hang light strings, and enjoy an open area on warm evenings.

Plexiglass panels provide rain protection but allow the sun to shine through—a combination that works well for both indoor or outdoor use.

9. Roof Extension

Best Roof Extension patio

One of the simplest ways to get a good quality patio awning is by hiring a builder to extend your roof over your porch, patio, or terrace.

The most stable of all options available for constructing an awning, these roof extension awnings can be made to look as though they were always there in the first place.

Decorative wrought iron supports on a roof extension patio awning provides design elements your home.

Use metal roofs if insulated to avoid bare metal heating up in the sun and becoming an oven-like environment.

10. Glass

glass patio awning ideas

Creating a glass or plastic patio awning is a good way to enjoy the backyard with kids. Glass can also cover an outdoor space that feels more like a sunroom than your traditional patio.

The retractable doors on certain pergola kits allow you to control how open or closed you want this part of your yard to be.

Glass patio awnings are one of the best types of covers for rainy weather areas.

Even if you’re in an apartment, glass top awnings can be really helpful because it’ll give your balcony some cover, very similar to the way gazebos work on outdoor patios.

For those who live in modern or minimalist homes, these glass patio awnings can be an ideal way to keep the space open and fresh.


Patio awnings can transform the look and feel of any outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking to cover your backyard or just want something simple for your balcony, there are so many different types that offer privacy, shade, protection from rain and more!

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