8 Best Types of Basement Windows for You

GripElements.com – There are various types of basement windows. That’s why you can compare them first before making a choice. Especially for those of you who intend to build a good residence. So, pay close attention to the function and aesthetic value of your basement window.

When choosing a basement window, you also need to pay attention to the actual residential theme. Thus, everything seems to be able to blend with the theme and looks very perfect. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, here are basement window recommendations for you.

1. Slider Basement Window

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The first basement window option is the slider basement window. This type of basement window can also be the best choice because it looks very common and is easy to set up. Maybe this image can provide a good reference for you.

2. Hopper Basement Window

what are the different types of basement windows

Types of basement windows vary widely. The next option is the hopper basement window. This is a very popular type of basement window. In addition to being beautiful, the type of element that determines the aesthetic value of this residence is also able to give a special impression.

3. Fixed Basement Window

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As the name suggests, this window means it stays in place. This window cannot open or slide, and is hinged. Technically this window is a type of fixed basement window. This window does not allow means of egress. This window is suitable to be applied in the basement of your residence.

4. Awning Basement Window

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Types of basement windows are very varied. You can also apply a basement window awning in your residence. This is a pretty window type. In addition, this window can also be opened according to the user’s wishes even though it can’t be too wide.

5. Crank Basement Window

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Next, crank basement window. A rank basement window can be a perfect choice for those of you who like the awesome feel. This window can provide a refreshing feel for residential owners when opening the window. Beautiful and awesome. You will be mesmerized by this window.

6. Double Hung Basement Window

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This window consists of two panels that can be shifted independently. You can move it vertically or horizontally. This type of window provides sufficient sunlight and fresh air when needed. For the perfect beauty option, you can choose this window for your home.

7. Single Hung Basement Window

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Single-hung basement window is another popular style used in basements. This window has two panes. They also provide sufficient natural lighting and airflow when opening, however, one panel does not move while the other slides up and down.


8. Glass Block Basement Window

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For those of you who prioritize residential privacy, this type of basement window can be the best option. Certainly very beautiful. No less beautiful than other basement windows. If you like it, then you can directly apply this window.

When you want to build a good basement, of course, you need various types of basement window references. That way, you can be more helpful in making the right choice. Choose the right basement window for an awesome residence.

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