The Top 8 Baby Girl Room Ideas – Welcoming a baby girl into your home must be enthusiastic. You need to prepare a room for her to make her sleep peacefully and comfortably. Hence, you have to consider the best baby girl room ideas. Here are some best ideas for your inspiration to follow.

1. All White Theme

All White Theme

This theme can bring peace because you can notice some dirty spots and clean them immediately.

White theme room keeps your baby girl safe and it is gender neutral. You can have white cribs, a sofa, a curtain, a mat, and a bed sheet at the same time.

2. Minimalist Theme

Minimalist Theme

This theme is also popular because the decoration in the room is not exaggerated for a baby.

You can have a small room for the baby but you decorate it with a minimalist concept. The furniture is only the baby cribs, a chair for breastfeeding, and some wall decor.

3. Room with Wall Decor

Room with Wall Decor

A room with a big wall decor is an option for you who don’t know how to arrange good decorations. The wall decoration can be a big cartoon picture and full on the wall.

The large size of the pictures fills the emptiness. You can add a baby crib, mat, and nursery bed at the corner of the room.

4. Two-tone Pastel Color

Two-tone Pastel Color

This is a simple room because you don’t put many colors. The mix of white and pastel pink is a good choice because the room is warm.

You can put the lamp on the bed decoration or wall decoration, so you don’t have to turn ON the lamp. You can mix two-tone colors for the mat and curtain as well.

5. Vintage pastel room

Vintage pastel room

You can choose a mix of colors of grey and pink, but the baby girl room ideas are full of vintage style, especially the furniture.

The baby crib has a low size and the curtain is sheer. For the lamp above and the dresser, you can adjust the size but they have many vintage lines and curves.

6. Back to Nature Style

Back to Nature Style

with this style, you can arrange the baby girl room ideas with some wood and rattan furniture. It is not only the baby cribs but also the clothes storage and the toy.

You can place a pot of plants and let it sit next to the window to get sun exposure. This room has a warm nuance all day long.

7. Green emerald theme

Green emerald theme

Green emerald room is a gender-neutral theme and you can choose this for your baby girl room ideas.

The emerald color dominates the wall and other parts such as furniture and mat can use a white combination. Green brings peace and it is good for your baby.

8. Warm nature theme

Warm nature theme

The warm nature theme for the baby girl’s room is also an excellent option. You can combine a room with a wood theme and artificial plants in it.

The lighting of the room can be a dim light with warm tone light. You can add some natural touches such as a hanging pot and a wooden cabinet.

The baby girl room ideas above are the best ideas that you can follow. You don’t only mix the concept, but also the colors for her.

You can choose a room with minimalist furniture or color. Make sure the placement of the furniture and decoration will not disturb the baby’s nap time.

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