7 Crafty Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

Toy Storage Ideas – When your home doesn’t have a playroom, chances are your living room is taken over by kids. When this happens, your tidy room turns into total chaos in a matter of seconds.

But don’t worry because clever toy storage ideas for the living room below are more likely to help you control the clutter.

There are so many storage ideas you can adopt for the living room. No matter your preferences, it must meet two criteria: work well to organize toys and match with other elements in the given room.

That’s the only way to keep the living room tidy while keeping it looks gorgeous. 

7 Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

While a storage box is a favorite choice to keep toys out of sight, cabinets and shelves are popular to display kids’ stuff.

We’ve gathered mind-blowing toy storage ideas to inspire you. If you can’t decide just yet, take a closer look at the following ideas. 

1. DIY Storage Box

DIY Storage Box

This storage box comes in handy to declutter your living room. Designed with boxes of different sizes, your kids can sort out stuff based on their sizes.

Be sure to make it low enough so your kiddos can organize their own toys, books, and other stuff without your help.

2. Round Coffee Play Table

Round Coffee Play Table

Are you running out of space for another piece of furniture? A coffee play table offers a perfect solution to your problem.

This item is designed with a large, hidden compartment to conceal kids’ toys. It is also easy to access, allowing your kids to tidy up their stuff independently. 

3. Low Cabinets with Shelves

Low Cabinets with Shelves

Depending on your room size, cabinets can be one of the versatile toy storage ideas for living room.

Make extra shelves to organize not only toys but also the book, stationery, and other items. Keep the cabinet low to accommodate your kids when they need something or tidy up the stuff. 

4. Wicker Trunk Toy Storage

Wicker Trunk Toy Storage

Wicker trunk has been a favorite stash to conceal all kinds of kid’s toys, thanks to the large capacity.

Without the hustle of arranging the stuff, your kids can tidy up the room in a matter of seconds. Not to mention it can sit nicely at the room corner.

5. Leaning Tower Toy Storage

Leaning Tower Toy Storage

This leaning tower storage can be a focal point in your living room. Minimalist design and ample capacity make it the perfect option to organize oodles of kid’s stuff, from toys and dolls to books and collectibles.

Choose a spot for the leaning tower and make sure it doesn’t obstruct your mobility.  

6. Standing Basket for Living Room Corner

Standing Basket for Living Room Corner

A standing wire basket is a versatile organizer for most stuff, including kid’s toys. Not only does it work well to keep everything in place, but it can also be a great addition to a room’s interior.

With a large capacity, your kids won’t find difficulties cleaning up their favorite toys.

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7. Small Cabinet Toy Storage

Small Cabinet Toy Storage

The small cabinet looks nice in any living room. It can be a cozy home for toys. At the same time, it becomes a centerpiece in the given room.

In order to get the most out of these toy storage ideas for living room, pick a color that matches your wall.

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